Picky Eating Habits You Just Can't Help

I personally can not stand shredded lettuce, despite the fact I can enjoy a good salad and eat nice, pure, unshredded lettuce on my burgers. Also pickles taste good on nothing and I will not be convinced otherwise.

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Water chestnuts. On paper, I’m fine with everything about them, but in practice, I just can’t do em. I see them in a stir fry and I peace out immediately.

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I cant deal with pieces of onion or cooked peppers. Which is extremely sad because food cooked with them tastes so good.

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Cold Foie Gras, anything coming straight out of a smoker, prosciutto.

I approach Dan Ryckert levels of weird food hang-ups. I don’t like unusual textures, or multiple textures combined with each other, or, like, sauce. Literally any sauce, nope.

If I could get all the nutrition I need from a plain slice of bread once a day, I’d do it :3

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I don’t like the taste of cooked fruit with very few exceptions. I like various vegetables, and raw fruit, but you can’t get me to eat an apple pie.

Ditto dried fruit, especially raisins.

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I really, really dislike it when things have flour or something else grainy dusted on them. It’s usually bread products that have it, I think? I can’t stand the feeling of it under my fingertips. It’s the worst.

Mushrooms. Mushrooms are gross, and I don’t care what anyone says. If you serve me food with mushrooms in it, then you’re serving food to the garbage can.

Also cooked pineapples on anything will get picked off. I don’t mind the pineapple flavor, in fact I very much enjoy it, but the physical actual cooked pineapple is a no go.

Almonds in any form are of the devil, including marzipan which is icing for sociopaths.

The only thing I have is canned Tuna. Can’t stand the stuff. Give me a nice Tuna filet and I’m happy but I just can’t do the canned stuff.

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I’ll eat pretty much everything and anything but millennium eggs, bugs and kale.

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Mayo, mustard, and relish. Ketchup is all good, but screw those. Anything pickled isn’t usually my thing either but I can tolerate it if it’s served with other things

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Please keep olives away from me at all costs. Please.


I used to hate olives and tomatoes, but have grown to like both in some scenarios. I still don’t like eggplant or zucchini at all.

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Just a friendly mod reminder to go easy on people talking about food dislikes and their personal diets (or the diets of others.) Food is a touchy subject and I think we can all bond over the fact that it’s sometimes weird!


Only Marzipan but I feel this is a common one probably? Don’t really have any, I used to not be able to stand any veg at all until I had my gallbladder out, which was really weird getting actual cravings for healthy things.

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Banana bread is the only thing I will eat that has bananas in it. I can do plantains if they’re done the right way (e.g. tostones and mariquitas but not platanos maduros) but that’s it. The smell of bananas makes me nauseous and the last time I tried to eat one I was sick on the grass.

Also, my mom took my sister and I to Nicaragua once to visit family and we ate avocado once a day or more for nearly two weeks. I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t. It makes my throat feel funny. So do bananas come to think of it.

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I can’t stand when im eating something expecting a particular texture and get something entirely different. Example: Pickles in potato salad. That crunch when you least expect it turns me off instantly.

Its weird because i love pickles by themselves, just don’t try to fool me into eating them.

No fish. No seafood of any sort, really. Never really ate it as a kid, hated the taste when I was a little older, and it’s tied to my minor phobia of fish (live or dead).


I’m not a huge fan of fruit in a mostly savory salad. Like if there’s feta or goat cheese in play. It doesn’t always put me off and I’m not categorically opposed to it, but it’s always a little hurdle.

Oh and beets. About 6 or 7 years ago my girlfriend at the time was Ukrainian and got me into some real legit borscht which was the only context I’ve ever enjoyed a beet in. I think it’s a texture and taste thing. I dig their color though.

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