Picky Eating Habits You Just Can't Help

I can’t stand eggs or mayonnaise. It’s the only food that I can’t eat just for it’s taste; I don’t like a lot of foods, but I will still eat those if I’m at a restaurant or a friend’s house or something. But I will not eat mayo under any circumstance, even smelling it makes me gag, and eggs aren’t much better.

I think mayonnaise is actually the worst thing ever. It’s so so gross.


I really wish I liked eggs. I can stomach them, but it would make my diet much easier if I could eat them normally, especially cold. I’m probably going to try adjusting my palate to enjoy them more, but it’ll take some doing (especially with the smell).

I don’t like mayo. I have never had a green olive. Cold salads are gross (tuna salad, egg salad, etc). Any sort of casserole is bad news.

I don’t like any vegetable with cheese on it. Keep that shit away from me!!!

I can’t deal with tomatoes.

Devil fruit.

D E V I L F R U I T.

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I try tomatoes every couple months to make sure I don’t like them yet. I want to like them so much for some odd reason.

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I’ve gotten over almost all of my picky eating habits over time, except for the fact that I CAN’T STAND dark leafy greens.

It’s awful because I love salad as an overall concept, but my total aversion to the taste and texture of those kinds of greens makes my salad consumption way less healthy than it should be. Also quite often I’ll see a salad with some dope ingredients on a menu somewhere only to have my heart broken after learning it’s to be served on dark greens.

I also really can’t deal with fruit as part of a larger mixture, especially when raisins or cranberries turn up in something otherwise savory like potato salad.

I would tolerate/not go out of my way to avoid raw tomatoes, but when I had a real, good, from-a-farm heirloom tomato for the first time it made me realize how much better in-season and traditionally farmed produce tends to be. Mind-bending. Not watery, mealy, and flavorless, but crisp and juicy, and requiring just a little salt and olive oil to be perfect.
Same thing with eating good grapes. I’ve always liked grapes (unless they have seeds, inconvenient!), but Jupiter/Concord grapes make a mockery of every grape you’ve ever had before.
It’s why you see a lot of successful high-end restaurants that can do such minimal dishes, with only two or three ingredients; their ingredients are of such a caliber that the flavors can stand on their own.

I’ve recently gotten really bad about like. Pizza or pizza-adjacent foods with visible herbs in them. If I don’t see the herbs, it’s whatever I’m fine. But if I do, I have to pick them out or my gag reflex gets triggered really badly.

I don’t know what made my body start doing this because it didn’t used to but it does now and it sucks.

Yeah. Tomatoes from my coworkers tomatoes plants are amazing!!!

I don’t mind pickles. If you give me a whole pickle I’ll have at least a couple bites. But I don’t like them on burgers or sandwiches or anything else. I will pick pickle slices off of things and eat them, but keeping them on a burger ruins it for me.

Sweet pickles when you expect Dill is a large reason for trust issues in my life.

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Ewww, sweet pickles are gross. Yes, dill pickles all the way. Weird fact: I love dill relish on things; dill pickles I will eat but not on things. Sweet pickles and relish should be burned or otherwise destroyed.


they are bad





Wait wait hold on isn’t the point of pickles that they are explicitly not sweet why would anyone eat sweet pickles I am flabbergasted

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Coconut is a no go for me. I don’t mind the flavour but the texture is just abhorrent to me.

Marzipan and licorice make me gag.

There is one condiment and one condiment only and It’s name is Ketchup.

I swear I can taste it if my burger was made in the same room as an open mustard container. And I choose death, sir.

IMO raw kale is the devil’s lettuce. We have fire. Use it!