Picture Book Of The Dead: An Assassin's Creed Photo Album [Image Heavy]


With Assassin’s Creed: Origins having a pretty cool photo mode as well as the upcoming tourist mode, I thought I would start a thread for everybody to post fun pictures as they explore the sands and tombs of ancient Egypt. I’ll get things started:

As soon as I was able to, I disappeared into the interior of Egypt to explore and ended up lost in the desert.

And let’s just say… some strange things happened that culminated in this horrifying plague of locusts.

Show me your 2017 Photo Mode shots! (image intensive)

Yo, this looks so dope. I’m not engaging in Origins, but super excited to see what folks have in store.


this is a series entitled “My Two Moods”



Getchu someone who looks at you the same way Bayek looks at Senu.


Added “Image Heavy” to the thread title just so people know!


Thanks! I had thought there was a category for that when you post a thread but when I couldn’t find it I thought I had misremembed.





A murder most foul has happened in this crypt! Can these two mismatched buddy cops get to the bottom of it??

Mysterious four armed Lion man sighted in Alexandria! What does he want… what does he crave??


Water Travels


Land of the Dead


Wuxtry! Wuxtry! Read All About It! Medjay Bayek Spotted Traversing The Desert On Trusty Steed!



So when it recommends Level 40 for the Trial of Anubis, how seriously should I take that?


got back to the main quest finally and now i have the best outfit


I tried it at lvl 12 and got my ass kicked.


I tried it last night at lvl 34. Thought I was doing OK, then it started spawning those soldiers from the opening scene of The Mummy and got one-shot by one of those.

To keep this post on topic, I call this one “Rich White Dentist”


That’s exactly what happened to me.


Location spoilers for the end of the Bayek’s Promise sidequest and The Hyena questline


& a few other assorted photos


Jaffa Kree motherfucker.