Pizza cooking tips

how to make pizza smoky and crunchy. anyone suggest me??

In my experience it is oven temperature. “Real” pizza ovens are like a bazillion degrees and the pizza on stays in for like 3 minutes. However, I only have a 20 year old electric oven that tops out around 500F and so I have to leave my beloved homemade sourdough crusts in for 10-15 mins. I’m still kinda figuring it out. Every oven is different somehow. Still delicious though!

If you have access to a BBQ, get a BBQ safe pizza stone. Get the BBQ super hot (700-900F) and if you are using a frozen pizza watch like a hawk because the crust may burn before the ingredients are cooked. If you make your own dough, a thin crust pizza should take about 3 mins to cook.

A grill with coals will have its own smoke flavour but a natural gas or propane grill will require some smoked wood in a water bath aluminum tray. It depends how much smoke you like.

Hope this helps!

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Got a pizza stone? A good crust needs a lot of heat applied evenly to the whole pizza. Metal baking sheets don’t retain heat, so if your oven doesn’t distribute heat perfectly (a home oven doesn’t) you’ll wind up with half your pizza perfect, half burnt. With a pizza stone, you just put it in before pre-heating the oven (1 cold stone + 1 hot oven = 2 stone pieces), carefully slide the pizza on there once it’s hot, and it cooks evenly.

If you grill (I don’t), here’s a guide to grilled pizza that doesn’t even use a stone, just a stiff dough right on the grate. I haven’t tried it, but the photos look great.

This won’t get you smokey or crunchy, but if you feel like a chewier crust, cooking a pan pizza in a cast-iron skillet is a lot of fun. Just coat the bottom and sides of the pan thoroughly with olive oil.


With a pizza stone, turn the oven up to its maximum temperature (likely around 500F). Using a pizza peel (the big flat usually wooden spoon that holds your pizza), slide your pizza onto the stone. This is easier if you use cornmeal between your za and the peel. You’ll likely only need to have it in there for between 7 and 10 minutes. Open your oven and use the pizza peel to slide under your pizza and retrieve it. That’s it! Also remember that opening the oven immediately drops the internal temp of the oven, so only open the oven as often as you need to - don’t just open it to check on the za.