Place Your Bets! E3 Bingo



If you’re unfamiliar with E3 Bingo Boards: It’s simply a bingo board that you fill with your predictions for the upcoming E3 conferences. It can be genuine speculation, purely humorous, or some mixture of both!

For example, here’s mine:

Feel free to play along!


Threw together a quick basic template


My Predictions


I don’t have enough predictions to make a full Bingo card, but I have the same prediction I have every year…

JADE EMPIRE 2! This is the year! I can feel it! It’s finally gonna happen!!!

it’s never gonna happen…


I mean you joke but if AI-chan turns up I’ll lose my shit.


godhand moba… all I’m gonna say


Oh haha I was using those more for reaction images rather than part of the prediction

but also let Ai-chan go to E3


You just broke my brain a bit.

Absolutely guaranteed: Sony snags exclusive rights for PUBG on PS4, launching September. They also do nothing to support a console port and launches broken af with clunky UI. Also the game is impossible to play because controllers.



I don’t have photoshop on my laptop so I can’t make a chart but here’s my good prediction.

  • Free Space: No Mother 3 Announcement.


I don’t have to goof juice in me (this is the worst thing anybody has ever said) to make a full bingo card, but I do wanna say Johnny V drunk on a GB live stream free space.


I should probably also say that your bingo board doesn’t have to be fancy and have images in every square, or things like that. It definitely helps if you’re trying to be humorous or satirical, but if you just want to put your predictions down you could easily just use @Wazanator’s template in Paint or any other free art program of your choosing!

But if you also don’t want to do one that’s fine too! In fact, I’ve been thinking about maybe pooling suggestions into a singular community bingo board? What do y’all think of that idea?


I don’t have the Photoshop or even MS Paint skills to make a bingo board, but!

Column B:
Fire Emblem Switch trailer
Scorpio Priced at $600
Dragon Quest XI localization!
The Order: 1887
Smash 4 Switch port

Column I:
Something Something Halo
Uncomfortably awkward celebrity cameo
New Retro Studios game!
No FFVII remake news
No Kingdom Hearts III news, either.

Column N:
EA talks about sports for less than half an hour
Assassin’s Creed trailer
FREE SPACE: Kizuna Ai saves E3!
Monster Hunter XX localization announcement
Shin Megami Tensei Switch/3DS game trailers

Column G:
Sony announces a Kickstarter campaign at their press conference
A Kinect game?! In 2017?!
Bloodstained trailer and demo
Keiji Inafune seen hiding behind a planter
Secret of Mana collection localization!

Column O:
Rabbids appear at Ubisoft conference
Skyrim Switch trailer
Capcom announces new Darkstalkers
Metroid: A Telltale Series
Crackdown 3 LIVES!


Highly recommend if you want something a little more advanced then paint but not GIMP or Photoshop level of advanced.


I don’t have enough to fill out a board so just have one that should be mentioned…



Yeah, that’s a good board.

Though I do feel like Scalebound being dead is a foregone conclusion.


@Hailinel I put together a bingo board for you based on your post, if you’d like anything in it adjusted please let me know!


That is beautiful! Thank you!


Nintendo’s already poked a hole in my board with releasing info about the paid online service for the Switch prior to E3! Darn!


I’m too lazy for a bingo board. let’s just throw in war shooters. space, world war, terrorism. Shit like that. Half of which written by Whedon copycats.