Planet Zoo Releases Today

I’ve never played many Zoo Tycoon games, but my partner loves them.

Has anyone played it yet? If so, how does it run on mid-tier systems? My partner has a 960. This looks like it needs some BEEF.

Also, what are the protestors about? Does the game talk about animal conservationism in any capacity, or are they relegated to ‘problem you need to fix?’

I’m not big on park-building/management games, but I enjoyed this review from RPS for it. The landscaping tools look like something else.

@GoldenJoel it seems like the topic is glossed over with a sort of ‘ehhhh don’t worry about it, have you seen how CUTE this panda is? check out this panda!’

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Those digital pandas did look cute, but I want some interesting conservationism stuff!

I think the recent Jurassic World game had a bunch of that kind of stuff, with Malcom being your advisor but also being like, “Yo dog, what are you DOING here?”

Reading now. This is quite the paragraph:

There’s elements I don’t like. It’s so bright and wholesome and world-music-section-cheery in its insistence on portraying zoos as a force for good, you can’t help but get the sense it’s protesting too much. The swaying, misery-eyed elephant in the room here is the debate over the ethics of zoos, and while I’m not having it here (go talk to Edwin), Planet Zoo plasters over the whole issue with the desperate, sweaty smile of a serial killer showing the cops their collection of Babylon 5 memorabilia to stop them finding the Torture Room.


The article linked here is fantastic, and I say that as someone without much interest in the game.


I was more into Roller Coaster Tycoon than Zoo Tycoon, so I absolutely loved Planet Coaster. I do think that perhaps as a management sim it was a little vanilla, but in terms of the creation tools it was amazing - and that’s all I was really there for. I tried to make a universal studios styled park based on films solely released in 1997. I actually made a pretty good version of LA convention centre to house my Face/Off ride - and there was a merry go round at the heart of the park deep underground that basically was surrounded by screens replaying the opening of The Pest.

I’m not really expecting them to get involved in the grim realities of zoo keeping as they did with planet coaster. But hey I made a theme park with an extremely dark heart, so I guess it’s a case of make what you want of it?

Off the back of Jurassic World: Evolution, which was a licensed game and potentially had limitations with what the developer could actually do with the IP, I’m hoping Frontier can make the necessary improvements on their own branded product. They have a really good animation team and based on what they did with the dinos in Evolution I’m expecting it’ll be amazing. I guess the creation tools will be similar to planet coaster too. Last year, they released the ability for players to upload their own 3D models to the game, which was basically flinging open the reserves.
With Planet Zoo, I guess I’m just wondering what the moment to moment gameplay is. With PlanCo you could just spend huge amounts of time on a coaster track meticulously testing it and building around it as you accumulated wealth and it was done. My idea of heaven really…

As with Jurassic World: Evolution. There was a huge thrill in watching your newly made dinosaurs walk out into the park for the first time, like I said the animation was amazing - if a little cut and paste between the different dino types. The main problem was the actual moment to moment gameplay, which got old very fast. Fence is down, or feeders need replenished, you have to get a ranger jeep to fix it. You could automate it but it was probably quicker to manually do it yourself. Fences break for no reason, dino escapes and you have to do the same thing with a helicopter. It just got very repetitive and killed the game for me.

It could have done with more automation of the menial tasks, but I guess if that were to happen, you probably wouldn’t have much to actually do in the game. I felt there was a way to perhaps make the game more about chaos management, what do you do you actually do when disneyland breaks down and the pirates of the carribean actually start eating all the tourists. I’m all for for more realistic sims that give you more grey decisions to make - give me theme hospital but set within a struggling understaffed and busy NHS hospital. I think you are getting more and more of these kind of sims today - like Frostpunk for example or even Papers, Please, but you probably can’t expect it from the bigger developer houses.

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