Platinum Games Plans to Self-Publish Two Independent IPs

Head of development at Platinum Games, Atsushi Inaba, has revealed that the renowned Japanese studio is currently working on two new independent IPs.

Importantly for Platinum, which has faced its fair share of turmoil over the years, both properties would be owned by the studio.

Inaba announced in May last year that Platinum was working on a new property independent of publishers following Microsoft’s decision to cancel Scalebound.

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I’m a huge fan of Platinum’s work and it’s great to hear that they seemed to have withstood the cancellation of Scalebound. I feel like Platinum has a pretty beefy fan community in Waypoint, so I’m interested to hear what y’all make of this.

The added details of the story, including the potential for this to parallel Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, with a smaller team making independently-owned IPs that give the studio more flexibility with their games going forward. I’ve always felt that I preferred Platinum’s games a little on the short side, so perhaps a more pared-down vision would suit their style very well.

What do y’all think? Any hopes for Platinum’s future from this?

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I’m very new to Platinum, but seeing as they’re partially responsible for Nier: Automata I’d definitely count myself in as a fan. Also looking forward to playing Bayonetta when it comes out on Switch next month!

Anyways, this seems like great news. Games need more mid level indie publishers/developers. A lot of the time it feels like everything is either huge mega studios like EA or Activision or really small indie teams. There’s definitely a niche to be carved out in the middle there for bigger, more well-funded publishers to make their own stuff independently.

Obviously it’s hard to make direct comparisons to other industries, but I think a similar rise of mid-level indie film studios like A24 or Annapurna has done wonders for the film industry. Basically every single one of my favorite films from the past few years has come from a studio like that. Their ability to find talented people and give them an actually decent budget to work off of and market with has produced some really great results so seeing something similar happen in games would be awesome.

Platinum has incredible highs and incredible lows. I’m always intrigued when I hear they’re working on something, but cautious optimism is the correct way to approach them. Granted most of their worst work is phone in licensed games and their original IP is better, so this does give me more hope.

Considering how much he’s talked about wanting to do it, I reckon Kamiya will be back in the director’s chair for Bayonetta 3, so I wonder if Hashimoto will still be in the Bayo team or if he’ll be at the helm of one of these two new IPs. That’s assuming Kamiya IS heading up Bayo 3 of course, but I do think that’s extremely likely.

They have a lot going on right now. Bayo 3, Granblue Fantasy(this one is going to be HUGE for them), and a new Nier title. It’s really exciting times for that studio despite what happened with Scalebound.

If they’re going to be branching out into smaller titles as well then I’d like to see them try exploring different genres, or at least get slightly more experimental with the genres they know.

I would really love to see them rework Scalebound into Drakengard 4 somehow, but idk if that’s legally feasible? Plus it looks like Square Enix took Yoko Taro back in-house for the new Nier they’re working on?

Probably way too early to speculate on what’s happening with the new Nier but I’d definitely hope Platinum is going to be making it.

As for Scalebound I’d think everything related to that game is owned by Microsoft and they wouldn’t be able to use anything from it for another game.

I’m not sure this interview counts for much, but this is an interview with Yoko Taro from December:

What are your thoughts on Platinum as a studio and Hideki Kamiya’s statement recently about how Automata saved the studio?

What I think of Platinum [is that] they are a very talented, very unique kind of studio in their own way. People looking at Platinum from the outside often get the image that it’s just Mr. Kamiya and a number of the top-level veterans [running] everything in a very top-down way. If you look inside the company, it really isn’t like that at all. There’s a lot of really passionate, really skilled young staff directors. And obviously, they go off the line, they give their opinion about what they want to do and how they view games to the top, and then it’s those guys at the top who manage that. It’s a great company. It’s quite a rare thing to see something managed [as a] kind of bottom-up company. The other part of your question there about Mr. Kamiya’s announcement that Nier: Automata saved Platinum, I think in part, that’s just him being nice to us and talking us up. I think we’ve got a lot to thank them for as well — certainly all the young development staff I talked about. It really was a great opportunity for them to show what they’ve got and it brought them up two or three levels higher. And as a whole, I think that’s something [the whole Nier team], myself included, really have to thank them for. I think they did a really brilliant job on that.

Do you plan to continue working with Platinum?

It’s not that we’ve got anything lined up immediately, but certainly. I discussed a lot with the young staff on the Platinum team and it would be really great to work with them again in the future. I spoke with our producer at Square-Enix, Mr. [Yosuke] Saito as well about doing that in the future. Of course, the other thing is that if Square-Enix provides the money, I’ll always make anything they ask for.

It’s hard to make it from that what we should take away, necessarily. As Taro acknowledges, there’s a complication in there which is that, in public, business people shouldn’t be talking bad about each other and should big each other up. On the other hand, this does suggest potential in future collaboration or the potential for members of the Platinum team to move over to Square in the future. It’s hard to say!

It would definitely be a very Square Enix move to take what was hugely successful and tear it apart for no reason.

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I like the style of gameplay that Platinum brings to their games, but they have about 5 go-to tropes they use for women and 3 of those 5 are some rehash of ‘a dominatrix, but’. It gets old after a while, especially if you’re like me and are just kind of exhausted with Horny In Video Games.

Really interested to play more of their stuff, not too interested in experiencing more of their stories.

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