[Play By Post] A Quiet-ish Year for a Whole Year

I think a hallway does count as a room, but the book actually says

Each player can add up to two rooms during setup.

So you could add a hall as well as an adjoining room. I missed that before!

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I added a dining room next to the kitchen because we need a place to entertain guests, I added a door to the corner but if someone wants to add an additional door they can.

Any ideas on where the foyer should go?

Sorry about the quiet, turns out even a holiday break at home sucked up a lot of my time! Hope everyone had a nice time over the past month, but let’s get things rolling again.

Currently our poll is almost over, @Homemade_Pizza hasn’t voted. If you want to abstain, just let me know and I can run check the results. Here’s a link to the poll.

As for adding rooms to the house, it looks like @aluketothepast, @epigraph, @Jkim and @NotThePars haven’t added one yet. Again, if you want to be skipped then just let us know, as we have a large group anyway. Though we probably want a bedroom for the house.

For the last step of set up we need to make a world map. We’ll need to discuss 3 key questions before we start actually drawing this broader mapping and each contributing elements.

What’s the scale of the map?
Discuss how big the physical parts of the map should be and how much space the community will occupy.
What sort of region is this?
Discuss the land and the climate. It could be a temperate forest, a rocky steppe, a tropical island, etc.
Where and how is the land divided?
It could be a river, coastline, mountain ridge, railway line, canyon, forest tree-line, etc.

I had in mind an island continent. Like Antarctica/Australia, an isolated large land mass. I have no feelings on climate itself right now, thought it out to be one that supports the house’s outdoor garden.


Hey, that’s alright! Hope you had a swell holiday break (and everyone else too).

I don’t mind passing on the house. I had an idea for a sort of semi outdoor foyer with a tree in it but I am horrible at drawing (how on earth does someone draw a tree from the top down?) so I’ll happily pass on that.

I dunno if it was reading Palmer’s The Bloody White Baron but I’ve been very fascinated by the steppes recently but a massive horizontal expanse might not be conducive to storytelling possibly around lanscapes so I’m happy with your suggestion. Off the top of my head and a possible attempt to combine the two, maybe something like the Hungarian steppes and the Carpathian Mountains with a mountainous range that surrounds or partially surrounds an open expanse that’s maybe heavily wooded.

Y’all I just realized how huge this dining room is that I made :joy:

Might need to redraw this later today


You could redraw it, or it could just be a really big table

I mean, scale could be sort of scaley-waley, right?

Our narrator might host some big guests.

Big guests.

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This sounds neat to me. It actually makes me think a little bit of southeastern Washington/northeast Oregon, which is this very broad landscape cut by the Columbia River and bordered by a number of mountain ranges that feel particularly striking because of the big flat-ish space between them.

Does this division have an in-game function, or does it just help us understand our outer boundary so we don’t create a world that goes on indefinitely?

I really like this. Something I’ve been thinking about as a loose touchstone has been the chapters of Frankenstein where the monster recounts his time in the German wilderness, secretly living in an abandoned shed attached to a poor family’s cottage.

I love this for sure. The desolate vibes of an icy steppe. But I think we can also have a couple climates on our scale, for the record.

I believe it’s mostly for narrative boundaries and not something that directly relates to future rules. It’s more about defining the world. But I’ll skim the pdf in case I’m forgetting anything.

Gonna skip adding anything to the image of the house. as far as climates go i’d be down for something steppe like or around a forest

Just coming out of my holiday offline hermitage. I would still like to add a room! I will add it in the next couple of days.

Since it sounds like adding 2 rooms is okay, I added a main hallway with a round central foyer, and a bedroom with a simple captain’s bed, wardrobe, bookshelf, plants, throw rug and a cozy reading chair.


So it looks like the routine that’s still being maintained has been decided. We keep the rest as crossed out routines, they may come up later.


Send a letter to a stranger.
Count something
Travels with people to various historical sites he has been and recounts their stories
Updates the wiki
Making an observation
Paints nature
Roll some dice

I also generated a map to try and match what people had suggested. Here it is:

I got it from this site, if you open here and remove the “icons”, you can see the same thing and tweak values if you want to see alternate options. It’s mostly meant to serve as a boundary, which is why there’s no explicit mountains. We’re technically not even meant to have colour/texture, but I think they help sell the climates we talked about. It was hard to balance the snowy and drier steppe lands but hopefully this works ok.


If everyone’s happy with that, our next step is to each add

What landmarks dot the region?
Take turns to draw one feature on the map. Say a little about what your feature is, then draw it on the map. It could be natural, like a forest glade, oasis, or the tallest point around, or artificial, like a circle of standing stones, disused observatory, or airport control tower.

What remnants dot the region?
Take turns to draw one feature that used to be something else on the map. Each remnant has either lost its form or function (e.g. a road worn down to dust, flooded town, derelict ship), or transformed into something new (e.g. a new forest growing through a cracked and painted airstrip

Technically we’re meant to do one of each, but I don’t think we need everyone to contribute both if you just want to do one of these two. As before, draw on top of the existing map and post your result.


That map builder is super cool! I decided to try adding a remnant: a ruined bridge that once spanned the mouth of the bay or inland sea at the middle of the land mass – is this a continent? Not sure of scale! Depending on how big this land mass is, the remnant becomes more or less grandiose, so if a gigantic bridge isn’t realistic I’ll come up with something else. You can see it as an X’d out brown line towards the top middle of the main land mass.


Hey y’all! Sorry for not being involved for a while, I got distracted by, well, gestures at everything
Anyway, I thought the house looked good, so all I added was an entrance foyer (because I imagine this home being on a remote mountain and figured our narrator needs a place to put their coats and boots) with steps to the door and a telescope in the little hallway nook (because I thought it was nice).

As for the world map, I’m still deciding whether I want to do a natural or artificial landmark, but my remnant is an abandoned cathedral on the lower island. I imagine its structure is in pretty good shape, it just became harder and harder to maintain a religious community separated from the mainland and was eventually closed Alcatraz-style.

Hope y’all have a good day!


Oh I forgot I had a couple of ideas for the map.

I thought about an abandoned tower or lighthouse on the little peninsula up in the northwest which I’ve badly drawn as well as a docks directly south


not to scale just thought i’d add in a former point of entry in an airfield and atc tower in the northeast.


Added a city in yellow that nestles between multiple rivers flowing into the bay.

@epigraph, @shokster826, @Wazanator and @Forrest, each of ye can still add one or two things if you’d like before we move onto the next step of set up.


I will get something added today. I also wanted to say, I think we lost @Homemade_Pizza’s ruined bridge.