[Play By Post] A Quiet-ish Year for a Whole Year

I’ve added an old fort to the mountains in the south that has been retrofitted to be a themed hotel for visitors. It also has some kind of mini museum in it that tells you about the history of the island.

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This is a series of “mounds” which used to be a neighborhood - apartment complexes, a pretty big church, and a mall.



Visible even from the old fort, the green triangle is the tallest, and most easily climbed mountain in the central range. Each year thousands would make the ascent, and the broad flat summit is a mandala of forgotten names, crude poetry and declarations of love carved into the ancient stone.


Thanks for spotting that, @Forrest ! I added the bridge back to @epigraph’s map.


whoops, I’ll get something added sometime tomorrow


West of the ruined bridge, I added a great chasm that remains largely unexplored due to its size (though not for lack of trying).

On the island in the Northeast, I added an old well.


Great! We now just have one final step before turn order begins. We have 4 things to define and add to the map. There’s many more than 4 of us, so first come first served on ideas. Feel free to pitch suggestions if you have an unfinished thought and someone else might add to them.

Our home as defined above, we just need to mark where it is.

The community is where most of the locals live and work. It could be an old farming village, island shrine town, town around a single factory, settlement around an airfield, etc. This is where you’ll find people, unless they’re out in nature or off elsewhere. Discuss and decide what sort of place this is before you draw it on the map.

The bridge is the connection to the wider world. It could be a literal bridge, train station, fuel station, food cart in a highway tunnel, café on the road, etc. It’s an in-between place on the way to the city beyond, and someone lives (or at least works) there. Discuss and decide what sort of place this is before you draw it on the map.

The city beyond is a major settlement off the edge of the map. It’s not what it once was—it’s both less and more. Leave it undefined for now, but indicate which direction it lies in. You can always visit it later

Can I posit that the city beyond is to our west? Rather, to the west of this landmass we have been drawing on.

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I was going to ask why then realised I drew a port on the west of the landmass lol

ETA: and a potential lighthouse!

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I’m not committed to this but maybe the community has centered on the mall area

I assume The Bridge is the connection to the world beyond this island? If that is the case would it be the Airfield in the north east?

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Oh, I really like that idea (the “bridge” being the airport).

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I like the bridge as the airport and the city beyond being to the west.

I like this especially because of how Forrest described it

Implies that the community is living in the shell of just one small part of what used to be here.

For our home, I was thinking about where the good spot for the view would be. What about the lighthouse up in the northwest? Otherwise abandoned, there’s a secret way up to the top floor where our narrator lives.


I think this is a good set of ideas, over the weekend I can record them down on our map. Feel free to keeping ideas coming til I’ve done that update!

Once I’ve noted those down, our first turn can begin. These will roll out weekly, and each turn will be driven by one specific player. Though other players might be involved in part of the turn depending on what exactly is happening. Also the person who’s turn it is can certainly solicit ideas or feedback during their turn, it’s just that they’re holding the main authorial voice for the week.

For turn order, if it’s ok with everyone else I’ll just be basing it on the order people first posted. That’d mean:
(username - date turn starts)

  1. SuperBiasedGary - 22nd Feb
  2. Forrest - 1st March
  3. Homemade_Pizza - 8th March
  4. Jkim - 15th March
  5. NotThePars - 22nd March
  6. shokster826 - 29th March
  7. Wazanator - 5th April
  8. epigraph - 12th April
  9. aluketothepast - 19th April

If anyone not on this list wants to join, it’s a good time to hop in on the turn order. I know @Rupa mentioned joining down the line, so let me know if you want to join the list!

And if anyone knows a week will be bad for them, feel free to DM me about swapping turns at any time. I’ll keep this rolling date list updated between turns so people know when they’ll be up.


So here it is!

I added smoke to the lighthouse to symbolise our home.
The community is a blocky building with farmland nearby.
A flightpath marks the bridge in the northeast
And a marker indicates the unseen city to the west.


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Turn 1 - SuperBiasedGary

22nd February to 28th February

I draw the 9 of Spring :heart:

A clever artist comes up with an elaborate plan to turn part of the landscape into a work of art. Where? How long will it take?


A determined youth sets out alone on an adventure. Who follows after them? Do they bring them home, or go with them?

I’ll mull over these and pick one, answering its questions.

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A clever artist comes up with an elaborate plan to turn part of the landscape into a work of art. Where? How long will it take?

One day, looking out from the fort on the tall mountain to the east an artist is struck with inspiration to take the canvas as their landscape.


Named Grenth Umbral, they have begun cultivating plant life on the side of the mountain. Grenth claims that once the plants are mature, you will see a picture in the side of the mountain. Grenth says that it will take precisely the rest of their lifetime for the art to begin flowering properly. They are not a gardener but are very confident. Grenth has also not revealed what the resulting image will be, leading to much speculation.


For step 2 of my turn, I could act on a plan or routine. We have the one (uncrossed) routine right now “Write a letter to a stranger”, but I’ll opt not to take it.

And for the third and final step, I have a few options: Open Your Senses, Learn Something or Make a Plan. The book explains how each of these work, but feel free to ask about it if you need.

I choose to make a plan, specifically the narrator, amused at the hubristic art project, will go and evaluate the growing mountainside art piece.

This means our lists of plans and routines are:


Go and evaluate the growing mountainside art piece


Send a letter to a stranger.
Count something
Travels with people to various historical sites he has been and recounts their stories
Updates the wiki
Making an observation
Paints nature
Roll some dice

Any of these that aren’t crossed out can be acted on during step 2, even if someone else originally made the plan/routine.


And that concludes my turn! Next will be @Forrest, starting on Sunday. In advance of the card being revealed, you have one decision. Whether you want to stay in the current season or move a season forward. That means Spring or Summer respectively.

In the Quiet Year, the main difference between the seasons is escalating stakes, and a more dire tone as the year goes on. I didn’t look too close at the prompts for Twilight Song, but I expect it’s a similar dynamic. We will go through every season and draw every card eventually, so this is more for the sake of changing pace when we feel it’s warranted.

So in summary @Forrest, which season do you want a card from, Spring or Summer? Either way your card will be revealed on Sunday

(of course if you need to delay/swap your turn, now’s a good time to get ahead of it and someone else can take next week)

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@SuperBiasedMan I would like to stay in Spring.

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