[Play By Post] A Quiet-ish Year for a Whole Year

Sorry for the delay! I’ve recently moved and started a new job so I’ve been having a very hectic few weeks. I have got some free time tomorrow that I can collate my thoughts into something for the thread.


Our community always prided itself on its sleepy stability. The thing about soft and slow decline for better or worse was that nobody could be particularly bothered to take any steps that might disrupt the routines we had all fallen into for what may have been decades now. This included any semblance of change or disruption in how we were governed. So the people who had likely once been elected onto our council continued to be where they were more through inertia than tyranny.

Now, however, there was wild talk in the air. The landscape was apparently changing arguably not even in line with any human understanding of nature. Furthermore there were scare stories of sea monsters like you would hear from nighttime campfire tales only this was being heard in every building at all hours of the day. Sensing the changing mood and potentially anticipating widespread panic, one of the elderly members of our council, Julia, has decided to step down and hand over responsibility to a person she believes is best placed to meet the challenges to come: The Cartographer.

The mood changes to one of anticipation and anxiety. Change has come whether the community wants it or not and while some people are filled with unease at the unprecedented situation they find themselves in, others are filled with optimism and almost excitement at the opportunity to tackle the unknown head on.

The Cartographer lays down an immediate intention to set out on their expedition to map the canyon. They also believe this is a task that everyone can contribute to whether they’re a merchant, builder, cook, and anything else besides. The work starts now and everyone regardless of their own feelings feel focused and ready to get involved. Some whisper that The Cartographer is displaying an uncanny and possibly unnerving ability to do politics as they get the people immediately onside but supporters believe it’s just proof of someone who’s focused on the task at hand.

I would like to resolve the persuading the ruling body (because we ARE the ruling body!) to approve an expedition and move on to preparation. Looking forward to seeing what mysteries we uncover!


Just making sure @NotThePars, do you mean you want to make a plan to:

Prepare an expedition to figure out what is going on for sure before we reach a crisis.

And @shokster826 do you want to stay in Autumn for your turn or move onto Winter?

Yes, that sounds good to me!

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I’ll stay in Autumn!

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Turn 15 - @shokster826

9th June to 16th June

You draw the 2 of Autumn :clubs:

Someone returns to the region. Who? Where were they and where do they settle down?


You find a forgotten monument that has become something new in the absence of humans. What was it? How has it changed and how is it still changing?

After that, you can act on a plan/routine if you wish.
And lastly take one of the turn actions from the book.

As a reminder the plans and routines are:


Go and evaluate the growing mountainside art piece
Go to the mall to consult the elderly for any potential stories I have missed, focused on the threads which bind the community and other notable landmarks together.
Visit the stone builder and ask about their history and their plans for the structure.
Persuade the ruling body to arrange an expedition to figure out what is going on for sure before we reach a crisis.
Prepare an expedition to figure out what is going on for sure before we reach a crisis.


Send a letter to a stranger.
Host a meal
Engage in careful observation of the wildlife on the continent.
Count something
Travels with people to various historical sites he has been and recounts their stories
Updates the wiki
Making an observation
Paints nature
Roll some dice

Sorry, busy week. I’ll try and get something written in the next few days.


It is curious that the Regent would choose to return to the waters surrounding the continent now. The large whale, named for the crown-shaped scar on its head, had disappeared while on a regular migration nearly two decades ago, after having been a constant for generations. The old habits and traditions surrounding the Regent in coastal towns across the continent have all but died, it will be a while yet before they return to their former height. Whether there is a connection between this return and the rumors of sea monsters, I have no clue, but the large beast is certainly a comforting presence.

I’m not going to act on a plan.

For my turn action, I’ll Listen to People.

Instead of simply experiencing the world, the narrator
can ask a question and receive answers. If you choose
this, then say what question you ask. Each other player
chooses or creates a character to answer it and gives a
short answer from their point of view.

The question is one posed in the early stages of expedition planning: Where do we start?
I’m not sure if this is an OK question since the expedition is a plan that I didn’t execute on. If not, I’ll come up with something else.