[Play by Post] Kingdom

Howdy Waypointers. It’s time for another play by post game on the forums. That means we play a roleplaying game together in a series of forum posts. We previously ran Anomaly, you can see the set up recruitment/discussion thread as well as the thread of the game itself:

But now we’re going to play a game of Kingdom.
(Listeners of friends at the Table may recognise it as a game they’ve played before in the middle of Counter/WEIGHT and are currently playing again for PARTIZAN)

Your Kingdom can be any group or organization that interests you. You could play a Wild West frontier town, a colony ship crawling to a distant star, or a sprawling Empire holding conquered peoples beneath its thumb.

As you play, you’ll confront your Kingdom and your characters with Crossroads, critical decisions that may change your community forever. What will your Kingdom do? What will it become? Strive to make your Kingdom live up to your ideals… or watch as it burns.

The Kingdom is in your hands. The question is: will you change the Kingdom or will the Kingdom change you?

I’ve gotten a playtest copy of 2nd edition that he has given me permission to share with anyone who wants to play.

Kingdom is a roleplaying game where the players will need to interact, but we will not expect responses in real time. The Anomaly game played out over months between players in different timezones with different availabilities. I’ll make sure that people are tagged when it’s their turn or they’re being included in a scene. No-one is expected to respond faster than within 24 hours. I ask only that if you expect to be have no availability for a period, flag it with me so I can inform the other players if necessary. We can wait on your turn, as long as we know it’s coming. If you need to take a break or bow out, that’s also fine. I’ll be looking for back up players who could take your spot if need be (even just temporarily).

If you are interested in playing or being a back up, please reply here. Feel free to ask questions If you have anything that you’d like to share, ask or note anonymously, I have set up a google form that will send notes to me and I can post about them here. It involves no identifying info, so I won’t even know who it came from.

There are 2 tools in tabletop games used to avoid triggering material. They’re called lines and veils.
A line is something that you do not want to be part of the game in any way.
eg. No racism or racism allegories in the game.
A veil is something that you’re ok with being in the game, but would like it to be glossed over or kept “off screen”
eg. Characters may do violence, but it will never be described or detailed.
If there are any topics that you would like to fall into either category, feel free to either identify them in this thread or use the anonymous messagebox above if you’re more comfortable with that. I’ll post the list of lines and veils at the beginning of the game and make sure they’re adhered to.
This can also be done during the game, if at any point something comes up that you want to respond to. It doesn’t matter that it already happened. It’s easy to retract a post so that everyone at the table is comfortable, and that’s a priority of the game we will play.

Once we have a set of 3-5 players, I can share the PDF and we can start doing the world building set up for the game. But for now, just reply with your interest!


Never played but I would love to give it a go!

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Same thing for me, I’m ready to try something new!
Mind you, English is not my native language so I might misspell or do some poor choice of words every now and then. I’d do my best!

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never played but i’ll give it a shot

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I’d love to play!

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Y’know what? Yeah, I’m curious, count me interested.

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Thanks for the interest so far! I’ll wait a couple days more to give people time to see the post and then share out the pdf and talk about the world building/set up for the game.

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Do you happen to know how many players max we’d be able to fit in?

Put me in, coach. Or don’t. I’m an excellent benchwarmer.

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The rules as written suggest 2 to 5 players. I’ll be a back up player in case anyone drops out, that way I can focus on running the game for everyone. We may have others that want to be back up players, but everyone could take part in the world building discussion prep before the main game starts.

Ok, I’ve sent the PDF of the game out to everyone in this thread. If latecomers arrive and are interested, feel free to reply or DM me!

There is 8 of us total, but I’ll be a backup player while running the game. Technically we should only play with 5 players, but we can flaunt this if we want. Alternatively, if anyone would like to be a back up then that would reduce player count.

By back up, what I mean is that you’d contribute to the worldbuilding set up. But then when the first turn of the game starts, you’d sit it out. Then, if anyone has to drop out of the game for any reason, you can step in to take over for them in the game.
However, no-one should feel pressured to take a back up position, we can manage with 6/7 players.

Alternatively, someone did message the anonymous box to suggest we could run 2 parallel games. 2 different kingdoms in the same world. That is a possibility! We briefly thought about this during the Anomaly game, but in the end only one game’s worth of players could join in when the game actually started. We can think about it when pitching concepts for our Kingdom, and come to a final decision before beginning our first turn of the game proper.

To kick the game off, everyone should read the “What is Kingdom” section of the pdf. And then we need to brainstorm what our kingdom could be. You can see more details about this under step 1 of “Make Your Kingdom”.

Pitch your suggestions, we can discuss them openly. Once we’ve discussed it for a while, we can either just informally agree on one or I can set up a poll for which we go with.

(and don’t forget to use the anonymous message box if you want to flag anything, eg. content warnings, whether pre-emptively or in response to a reply in the thread)

This is exciting!

I like the sci-fi angle. The book mentions “a colony ship crawling towards a distant star.” Something like that would be interesting to me, perhaps a generation ship leaving Earth, or a massive space station.

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Sci-Fi sounds great to me! I was thinking something social, more towards a space fueling station, an Interstellar Casino just right outside the legal boundries of a solar system, or a Mech manufacturing company that works Combat and/or Commodity Mechs.

Also, just to add other ideas, today on my commute I had ideas about an underground sewer society in the style of the X-Men Morlocks, the life in a Fallout-like post-nuclear bunker, or just a desert tribe in Mesopotamia. I’d like to have something with it’s own folklore, superstitions and the like.

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I had this concept in my head while listing to FATT’s Twilight Mirage of a ship full of Attack of the Clones-style cylinders filled with a substance I called neurogel that allowed the occupant to be fully immersed in a virtual reality simulation. Originally used to train a security force, these cells have been repurposed as a high-end entertainment facility.


love the sci-fi idea. border planet conceded to another power with the players as local leadership. my brain keeps going to the maquis as reference. a kingdom going through the aftermath of a first attack thinking of something like the shock of the initial viking raids against the house of wessex. these feel far too in media res so feel free to scavenge these for ideas

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I also like the sci fi direction for sure. A fun trope I’ve recently been watching in old anime is the idea of an alien technology super ship. Humans discover a gigantic ship far beyond our own technology. We start to study it but it’s so alien that it’s hard to grasp. Suddenly, desperate circumstances force us to take the ship out to the stars, even as we continue unlocking its mysteries.

I do like this a lot too. Did you have any kind of folklore or superstitions in mind? It seems like a fun thing to build upon during play, if we had a core idea to begin with.


It can be adapted to the setting. Finding an animal with red fur during a hunt can mean something for a tribe. A colony traveling through space can see patterns in the flickering of stars and give a meaning on them. Sewer people can give a divine meaning on the amount of plastic garbage thrown at them, because they give value to it.

Alright, so far we seem to like the sci-fi idea and have these broad concepts in mind:

  • a society that includes folklore and superstitions
  • a company or corporation that operates at the edge of legal space
  • immersive virtual reality experiences
  • border planet after a recent attack by an outside force
  • a massive ship of alien design which humanity is used to escape a calamity

Not quite sure what would be best for a game of Kingdom, but something big enough to encompass all of these ideas might be a good place to start. A refueling station or border outpost of some kind feel like a good start to me. We need “any community or any group of people with a common cause or shared identity.”


I’m not sure if we can reasonably combine everything, but I have an idea that gathers multiple of these.

What if our Kingdom is like a strip mall at the edge of the solar system?
We run a tiny rest stop with a refuel station, VR entertainment centre, a bar and maybe one or two other things, but no more than 5. We’re the last local stop for long haul Earth journeys travelling to and from the farthest reaches of the universe. The Kingdom has been running self sufficiently for centuries, creating our own subculture, neither space travellers nor earthlings. We have become our own people, hearing news and stories from those who pass through.

The border planet idea could included if we want to have a bigger factional conflict between Earth and some other force (either aliens or the humans who’ve spread out). It would have us caught in the middle, as a useful outpost even if we consider ourselves somewhat independent or agnostic about the leadership.


I just want to say that I’m fine being an alternate so folks have a more normal Kingdom run, but I also am WAY INTO the idea of running the rest stop at the end of the universe.