[Play by Post Recruiting] Kingdom

MWRSR (Milky Way Rest Stop Radio) is run from the admin office of the whole rest stop complex. The admin is surprisingly simple, so the staff spend more of their time running the ad hoc station using the frequency for important announcements. The room is choc a block with old disks of shows archived away, audio equipment and cables over every surface and boxes of props and costumes anywhere they can fit. A single filing cabinet sits in the corner, holding the actual important paperwork.


Nestled in the labyrinth of maintenance corridors at the bottom of the station, The Undertow is an intimate music venue / hangout spot built into one of the larger storage rooms. For booking enquiries and directions, contact Ida Hoche


Shady Lynn’s Suspicious Tins is run out of a second story apartment window. Shady Lyn started illegally, openly selling compromised and expired canned goods 60 years ago. Her granddaughter, Shifty Alba, continues the proud tradition of selling expired, unregulated tins of meat and milk via a bucket on a rope to people on the sidewalk below. Despite the exorbitant prices, Shady Lynn’s is a popular mainstay.

A Place To Reflect On The Violence That Sustains Us is a not-quite-religious temple that takes up a walled gazebo tucked away in a barely noticeable space between some trees in the side of the station. Quiet, clean, and sparse, it encourages quiet contemplation on society’s flaws. It has no consistent operator, but is maintained by those who visit as part of their meditation. It is never empty and never crowded.


Kim’s stew house. I’m imagining whatever a small to medium sized building with an alternating neon sign that serves as the local deal making hub for locals and people looking to become regular part of the trade ecosystem with dishes customizable depending on dietary or cultural needs defined by the pungent wafting odor of chili paste. self sufficient due to the first generation of the diaspora having brought over all the necessary ingredients. only one rule no violence on the premises


The Fueling Docks has no proper name. It’s not a commercial spot per se, but there’s cash flow for sure. It’s where any ship that comes by eventually refuels, and it may be true that, in a sense, helps sustaining our favorite strip mall in many ways. A cut of the fuel goes to the station, and for many visitors is the only excuse to stop by, even if they end up spending too much time in the Castle of Illusion.
And, well, it also is where some shady stuff happens. Sparkfume dealers, unregulated drives, modded ship modules… If they appear somewhere else in the station, they’ve been through the Docks.


Ok for our next step we need some basic character concepts. Just a few words for each, and we can each do 3. (feel free to make more than one post if you don’t have 3 ideas off the bat)

My first one is “mysterious regular customer

Also, we’ll soon have to make actual main characters. At that point we’ll want to know who is a player to begin with. Currently that list of players looks like this:


With me and @vehemently as back ups.

Let me know if anyone wants to be shuffled from one list to the other, or doesn’t want to be kept on either.

Elderly Government Bureaucrat
Pro Gamer With a Sword
Non Binary Giant

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machiavellian aide with prosthetic eyes.
frustrated son looking to escape the pots
frantic mechanic accountant

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Washed-up Dockworker’s Union organiser
An overly “personable” music venue owner
The stranger who lives in the vents


bored climate control AI
missionary for interdimensional being
put-upon middle manager


paranoid young drug dealer
old long-haul space trucker
introspective graffiti artist

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A quick note, apologies that I missed a note someone left in the anonymous box last week. I caught it and have now addressed it. I’ll check more regularly now instead of relying on email notifications.


Sorry guys, been having tons of work lately and didn’t want to write without thinking first, ended up not writing at all. Here I go:

Friendly female GP doctor that definitely has something to hide
Local singer-songwriter with a part-time job as a clerk
Ice-cream vendor with a passion for Origami


Alright! Now that we have a variety of character concepts, it’s time for each of you to make your main characters. For now, each person can do steps 1-3. That means:

  1. What is your role?
  2. Who are you?
  3. Where are you found? (locations)

For step 2, you could be from the previous list of concepts or something new. One key thing is that they must be part of the Kingdom. Being “part” of the Kingdom can mean a regular customer who comes and goes, but they specifically can’t be an uninterested outsider/observer. They need to be affected by what happens to the Kingdom and care about the Kingdom, even if they hate it.

Step 4 (the last step for characters) is your bond with another character.
But that makes sense to do after everyone has done the first steps.

The pdf has helpful info on each of these steps. But if anyone wants to clarify anything, in particular what it means to be each role, just ask and I can explain.


Just a bump to see if anyone’s come to any decisions about their characters. Even if you haven’t decided on all three steps, you can start off with what you do know and that might help other people figure it out. I can also explain the roles and how they work, if anyone’s unclear on that.

(also if it wasn’t explicit enough before, you can go in any order when figuring out your characters)

Rowan “Ro” Satell, She/Her

  • Touchstone
  • The “personable” music venue owner, who seems to know everyone who’s anyone when it comes to the Station’s nightlife
  • The Undertow is where they work and play, but they can occasionally be found at A Place To Reflect On The Violence That Sustains Us
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Kassis, One Of Many
The missionary for an interdimensional being.
He/him. Kassis is kind of built like Tom Cruise: kinda short, but muscular. Always dressed in combat pants and sandals, but no one gives him any grief about not wearing a shirt because of his eye. Definitely human, except for his left eye; a brilliant purple sclera with a midnight blue iris. Servant of the Zythrian Way; a worshiper of Zythria The Many. Whether or not Zythria The Many exists has not been verified by science, but the planet Xanatos (home of the Zythrian religion) is home to crystals that appear to exist in dimensions beyond the four to which humanity is accustomed. Prolonged exposure to those crystals causes the eye mutation listed above but also seems to grant mild precognitive and other extrasensory abilities.

Kassis was tasked with bringing the peace of Zythria to the galaxy at large. His travels took him to the Kingdom en route to somewhere else, but he felt a Call to stay put and preach to the passers-by. He hasn’t had any takers yet, but he has the patience and the joy of the Many to sustain him.

Found principally at A Place To Reflect On The Violence That Sustains Us (which is a truly, profoundly excellent name) proselytizing (but not pushy) with the occasional field trip to Kim’s Stew House for whatever the special of the day is. Kassis has an intimate knowledge of every eating joint in the House.

Paul Kang he/him aide to one of the councils on the coming corporate threat
values the stations communal nature but worries that without a plan to focus our collective financial and societal cache the station could end up being submerged just like his colony was as a child. 5 foot 6 with brown eyes that blink red on the edges when the machinery needs to be replaced and black hair that has gotten hoary even though he’s only in his twenties due to stress. spends most work days at kim’s stew house trying to persuade influential local business people not on the council while having spicy soft tofu and spends his off time at the undertow with trips f-t-go when he needs groceries

December Shade (she/her) an introspective graffiti artist. Her art (both wanted and unwanted) has decorated parts of the station for decades. She wears an old flight suit zipped down to the waist with the arms wrapped around her like a belt. Under that she wears trashy shirts and sweaters and she is always covered in speckles of paint. She lives in a derelict shuttle parked behind the F-T-GO!

Role: Touchstone.

Locations: The F-T-GO! where she lives and is sustained by cheap food and art supplies. The Fueling Docks, the biggest and best canvas for her art.

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I ran the list of players through a turn order randomiser, so here’s the order turns will happen in:

  1. DarthTythus
  2. jackissocool
  3. Arenow
  4. Jkim
  5. Sohkrates
  6. nat.clayton

This also affects the next step of character creation, as you’ll need to create a bond with the player directly above you
So for Jkim, you make a bond with Arenow. For DarthTythus that means making a bond with nat.clayton.

At the end everyone will have a bond with the player above and below them. One you make yourself and one someone else makes with you.

I also put together a spreadsheet that has the Kingdom as well as each person’s character sheet on it. Check it out below. If you want direct edit access, I can share out sheets to individual people. I think you’ll just need to request access. Alternative you can post on the sheets/here/in the anonymous box if there’s anything to edit.

Hope this works for everyone!

This also made me realise we don’t have a name for the Kingdom. The Milky Way Rest Stop is a placeholder, but pitch ideas if anyone has ones to suggest.