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Does anyone PbP roleplay, or play a tabletop rpg and have a recommendation for a good community?

Online text-based roleplaying used to be a fun creative outlet for me. In high school I was on Gaia Online all the time, but as of this month, I’m definitively in my late 20’s and would like a community more “my age”. (Note: I haven’t gone back and checked out if the Gaia crowd aged with the site.)

I wondered if anyone in the Waypoint community was still active in text roleplaying and if they had any ideas or resources for starting over.


P.S. I gave Dreamwidth a try in college, and found the Livejournal format to be a turn-off, but if that’s where the fun is I could always try again.

2 Likes is pretty good I find, I don’t spend time on the play-by-post forum myself but it’s pretty active.

i’m an active text roleplayer (it’s a lot easier than getting a tabletop group together every week…) but tbh i just use discord and roleplay with my friends rather than seek out forums. what kind of genre of RP are you looking for, though? i may not roleplay on forums and the like but i might know some stuff if you’re into fantasy specifically?

aside from forums, deviantart seems to have a lot of roleplaying groups on it these days if you’re uh, prepared to deal with deviantart. most of them don’t require you to be an artist to join, either

Haha, I don’t have anything against Deviantart but it does seem like the last place I’d look.

As for genre I’m pretty open, me and my friends used to do all sorts of stuff but blah blah blah adult schedule we don’t together as often as I’d like.

I guess I’m open to any suggestions!

haha yeah, i’ve been on deviantart since i was a kid so i have a pretty good understanding of it but i’m not sure how easy it would be to sift through the garbage if you don’t have much experience with that website and its community lol.

an active RP forum i found recently is sekkai, which appears to be a long-running roleplay based around a fantasy world with dragon riders. i ultimately decided it wasn’t really my thing but it has an interesting world at least and the bonus of having apparently been around for years, so it isn’t likely to die out suddenly like roleplay forums are occasionally wont to do. very little on the forum appears to be set as private so you can read through the roleplays and lore posts to see if it’s something you want to get into.

sorry if this hasn’t been much help, if i come across anything else i’ll be sure to let you know!

No, I genuinely appreciate it, thanks!

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I’m fairly active in Dreamwidth-style RP (returned after a break of a few years) and it feels similar to how it was when I RPed in the late 2000s, but also more streamlined in ways too. As it stands, the format is still a network community for first-person style posts, and then another community for third-person written prose.

With a lot of people moving from Tumblr over to Dreamwidth for RP, a primer was written to help people with differences and terminology. I’m not sure if that would be helpful to you.

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I started play-by-post RP on Gaia Online as well and I moved entirely to Invisionfree and JCINK forums when I found them in 2004 (I was searching Livejournal RP ads, funny enough). The resources I used back then are basically the ones I use now:

RPG Directory has a system-agnostic directory that lists forum RPs. Since it’s been a while, I recommend checking out RP Request. There, you can say what you’re interested in and folks can drop their ads and give you the run down on what their site’s about and why you, specifically, should check them out.
RPG Initiative is one I haven’t used as much (mostly because I haven’t been looking), but attempts to give a little more information in their directory.
Barbermonger is the only forum I know of that is specifically for finding 1x1 RPs. I’ve used it with mixed success (RPers are notoriously flakey).

In addition, there are several directories on tumblr such RPG Adverts that list ads.

There are way more, but if you’re looking for forum RP, then those resources can easily get you to other places since RP sites normally host advertisement sections that guests can drop their ads on and they have affiliate buttons that links to major resource sites as well as other RP sites. If you’re willing to site hop, then you can find some interesting stuff by going through those advertisement sections.

That said, knowing what your preferences are would help! My experience thus far has been that the RP community is segmented according to seemingly unimportant criteria and while there’s crossover in the subcommunities on the above resources, some genres and preferences congregate largely in different places.

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Thanks to both of you for your replies!

@dosymedia haha i genuinely dont have any preferences, i’m pretty open to trying whatever. i gravitated towards high-school rp when i was in high school, but that seems a bit lame now haha.

Ah, ditto on that. I did a lot of school RPs when I was starting out too and I’ve been all over the board genre-wise since. I think the only thing I haven’t really touched is animal/furry RPs, though I’ve seen plenty.

I think the above links are a good starting point then, there’s a good variety as far as genre and communities go. It can take a long time to find something you like even when you know where to look, so good luck on your search!

Not sure if this comment is still active but I write stories for and build websites for RPGF’s Roleplays post by post where the members write their own characters histories and then RP as those characters based on the story of the site.

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