[Play by Post] Yuletide Anomaly

First of all, I want to say how much I appreciate the creativity of your turns, @creditinthestr8world, constantly amazing stuff. Regarding the pacing: I feel that we are nearing the end but this game has a tendency to constantly open up new avenues so it’s difficult to wrap everything up. I see two options: we decide to play one/two more regular turns and wrap everything as well as we can. Or maybe we could do one turn wrap up with a time skip and show the fallout of what we set up without necessarily having the anomaly resolved on screen? All of this, of course, after @SuperBiasedMan turn.


Yeah I’m really loving this game and how much stuff we’ve come up with over the course of it. :heart: I was the vote for ending in the last one, but I was almost doing it as a soft flag/temperature check because i thought it would be worth starting to build towards an ending. Not necessarily that we need to tie up all the threads, but move towards some sort of conclusion. I’m happy to do 2 more turns each if that sounds good to both of ye.

I do also like the time skip fall out idea. We could even just do a bit of an epilogue after the last turn if anyone wants to just post mini wrap ups for any character or thread we don’t wanna leave loose.


OK, great! I’ve really enjoyed everyone’s contributions to this campaign, and it sounds like we’re all on the same page about moving toward a conclusion. (As a side note, as a person without prior experience with forum-based roleplaying, it’s been kind of fascinating seeing all the variations in tone that arise when a game that’s intended to take two to four hours stretches out over more than a month.) Two more turns apiece after SuperBiasedMan’s post, possibly with room for coda notes if they feel necessary, sounds ideal to me!


Sorry about the delay! House moving stuff all month.

Eight of Pentacles

A conflict erupts between the team and the locals. What is it? What sacrifices does the team have to make to settle the conflict?
Another outsider arrives their goals mysterious. Why does the team think they might have their eyes on the anomaly too? What makes this individual a possible threat to the team?


Ragna Blakesdottir sits atop a tree overlooking an agitated crowd. She can’t entirely make out what’s happening on the stage they’re watching but can tell it’s some sort of mess she’ll have to clean up as she lights a cigarette.

“You know those things stunt your growth little miss,” says a figure standing on the ground below her. She stares towards the crowd too, but seems to be looking past them and the stage to something else. She’s fully dressed in a Santa suit, which in this context was not remarkable.

Ragna’s face scrunches in confusion, unused to this kind of bluntness, “Nothing has stunted me before, I don’t see how this puny thing can,” she puts out the cigarette against her boot. She’s not quite sure why, as she hadn’t finished smoking yet. “Are you also here for the show?”

The woman shakes her head as her hat’s bob shakes around, “No I’m here to get my husband, after he’s gotten himself wrapped up in something.”

Ragna chuckles and jumps down to the ground, “Caught up in all this, what do you think he’s wishing for?”

The woman looks back to Ragna, with an intense blue in her eyes, “No, he was taken here back at the very beginning. It’s on me now to get him out. Sorry, what’s your name miss?” she extends a soft hand and Ragna grasps it firmly.

“Ragna Blakesdottir. My gut tells me, ‘help this woman’.”

She chuckles, “Ho ho ho, well you have a good gut Miss Blakesdottir. I’d be grateful for the muscle.”


The new project: “Santa is OUT” will take 3 turns.


During my turn
My project: “Rescue Helper Echo R▉▉▉▉ aka Jack Frost” goes down to 3 turns.
Creditinthestr8world’s Project: “Risk explores the belly of a whale” goes down to 1 turn


And now it’s @CulturalSnowCrash’s turn

Nine of Wands
The team discovers a valuable practical use of the anomaly. What is it and what does the organization want to use it for?
The team finds something that will help contain the anomaly. Who discovers it? Acquire it as an asset

During your turn
My project: “Rescue Helper Echo R▉▉▉▉ aka Jack Frost” goes down to 2 turns.
My project: “Santa is OUT” goes down to 2 turns.

(…I did not plan for that to line up :sweat_smile:)

@Creditinthestr8world’s Project: “Risk explores the belly of a whale” will complete. So leave space here for her to write that ending.

After that you can hold a team meeting, start a project or add a fact about something.