Play ‘Overwatch’ On the Nintendo Switch Starting Next Month

Soon, you’ll be able to complain about Mercy’s heals during your morning commute. It’s official, Overwatch is coming to the Nintendo Switch. News of the popular shooter’s arrival on the Switch broke last month when Amazon accidentally listed and Overwatch themed Switch Case that had been officially licensed by Nintendo. This morning, a European retailer let slip that Overwatch would come on October 15.

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…I would prefer not to. Never mind complaining about Mercy’s heals I’d be too busy complaining about everybody being on Wi-Fi and the Switch analog sticks.

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There’s no cross platform play, so everyone is using similar controls, and I would wager more people than you think are not in a spot to easily wire their console or PC to a modem anyway. Overwatch on more platforms is a good thing IMO, and I’ll be willing to check it out on Switch.

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I am excited for more people to be able to play this game. It’s fun! Especially with the right group of friends.

But I’m not gonna buy this game a third time. I’ve learned my lesson lol. :expressionless:

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