Player Unknown's Thunderdome

I was playing Duos with a buddy the other night and I died early – funnily, I was unarmed in a punch war and he saved me, then accidentally shot me. It was gonna be our last or second to last game so he said, “I’m just gonna hop on this bike and ride to the spiciest spots until someone kills me.” What ensued was 20 minutes of hilarious bike physics, including a huuuuge jump over a barn. He made it to top 25, and would’ve made it farther if he was trying to win – probably due to the mobility and the fact that he wasn’t engaging anyone who shot at him. But, we were just laughing a lot because bike stuff in Plunkbat is funny especially when you’re not trying to win.

So, as I’m spectating, I realize that there’s a Mod I need to exist once modding is a thing that exists. In the spirit of Winters, Family Feud, and Fashion Police, allow me to introduce to you PLAYER UNKNOWN’S THUNDERDOME

The key points to this mod/mode would be:

  • There is no plane.
  • Everyone spawns randomly, with a bike, with a half a tank of gas.
  • The circles are bigger, and close in slower.
  • To compensate for the relaxed circle, if you remain off your bike for more than 45 seconds, you begin to take damage similar to the blue. If you are off your bike for 90 seconds, it’s like late-game-blue.
  • This would make looting QUICKLY really important. It’d also make firefights a lot more decisive.
  • Only one person to a bike. No sidecars. No Back seat.
  • If your bike is out of gas/stationary, the damage timer is ticking. You gotta move like a shark.
  • Gas cans are marked with continuous red smoke similar to how loot drops are now. There wouldn’t be a lot of them, so you’d have to engage people to take their bikes, hoping they have more gas than you.

What do you think? Since I thought of this I’ve wanted to play it so bad. What else could go into this mode?


Counterpoint. What if there IS a plane and everybody is forced to jump out of it at the same time whiles on the bike?


Picturing some true A-Team stuff and am on board with it!