Players Are Pushing Their Bodies to the Limit Speedrunning Nintendo's Fitness Game

On December 15, a player in Tokyo, Japan calling themselves Sakinyan turned on their Switch and started playing Ring Fit Adventure, Nintendo’s terrific exercise game hybrid from last year. For most people, a session with Ring Fit Adventure lasts somewhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on when you collapse into a pool of sweat. Sakinyan was not engaging in some light exercise, however, but attempting to pull off the first world record run for playing through all of Ring Fit Adventure’s surprisingly long story mode.

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JFC! Sounds to me like anyone even attempting the level 30 run should have a physician present. How does that load compare to professional sports? Usually those don’t go on for that long unless you’re playing cricket.

Well, the nearest equivalent would probably be ultramarathons, the longest of which last several days, up to 6. However, I would guess that the average intensity level of a multi-day ultramarathon is less than Ring Fit Adventure Level 30, if for no other reason than humans probably can’t maintain that intensity for long periods, even if ultra fit.

I hope Sakinyan is ok! 11 hours on the hardest difficulty sounds brutal, and she looked completely wiped out when she finally threw in the towel.

Intensity 30 should probably be a per-world category rather than a whole-game category. (Barring the presence of medical support staff, yeah.) Maybe a professional/Olympic-level athlete could do the whole game on that intensity, but it sounds dangerous for mere mortals to even try it.

Wow, this is fascinating!
I hope nobody does themselves an injury attempting this. It sure does seem like a lot, and it’s kind of worrying that any skips or route variations players find will likely be tied to the intensity players can maintain.

I can imagine it’d be cool to see see a one or two world team relay race in AGDQ, though.