Players Are Using Robots to Jump Rope in 'Final Fantasy IX'


The Final Fantasy IX remaster, which was released on the PlayStation 4 in September 2017, has one of the most difficult, infernal achievements ever put into a video game. It’s called “Hail to the King,” and it requires you to successfully jump rope one thousand times in a row without failing.

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Got to like 200 one time by slowing the game way down in an emulator and now I hate all physical exercise forever.


I really can’t overstate how finicky the timing is for this minigame, it’s not communicated well at all. Including that kind of achievement has to be an intentional troll on the part of the developers.


I couldn’t even get one jump before having Vivi walk off saying “up yours, children”. I don’t remember it being that tough on the PS1 original with the nice fonts and whatnot.

Weirdly on the flipside of that, I also don’t remember the frog catching being so easy.


This is it!!!


Typical robots, putting kids you’d pay $10 to sit there and jump rope for you out of work…

Real talk, though, this is one of the things that I find fascinating about games. Hearing about macros and automated scripts to handle certain game aspects is great. In much the same way that people developing custom UIs to make playing Civilisation VI more enjoyable, it speaks to how communities rework and reimagine what a game should be, in some way or another, and use increasingly sophisticated tools to do that.

Today’s script is yesterday’s rubber band on the control stick.


I don’t remember the physics in IX, but I hit over 2500 in Mario Odyssey. Is IX harder than Odyssey?


Even worse than dodging lightning.


Imagine if you had to perfectly time your jumps to 5 frames of the jump rope animation. It blows.


We have to remember that different games have different priorities when it comes to mechanics.
Jumping is a core mechanic in Mario so aside from the fact that the jump’s design is better over all, the entire game is built around you eventually mastering that particular maneuver.
Final Fantasy IX rarely has you jump with the action being gated behind specific contextual elements. So, even if the jump was good, you would have no way to practice other staying in this one location in a game about exploring a fantasy world for hours. You would try have to master a mechanic who’s design seems intent on making you fail with the skills you do gain from the tedium being doomed to lose all usefulness the second you leave the area.

So yes, IX is harder than Odyssey.


Oh lord. That’s an upsettingly small window of time. My urge to try this has decreased significantly.


I just have to see [JRPG Minigame] and…

Oh, my apologies, I dozed off there for a second.