Players Say Amazon's ‘New World’ MMO Is Frying Their Expensive Video Cards

The Amazon Games developed MMO New World entered closed beta yesterday and players rushed to sign in. Some players who booted the game up on EVGA RTX 3090 graphics cards were met with a black screen. Many claimed that the new game had bricked their new, expensive, and almost impossible to obtain graphics cards, meaning they’d have to be replaced entirely.

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Looks like game dev is harder then space travel.

Yes, I stole this from Twitter.


The coveted product feeedback loop at work.

Buy expensive gaming hardware from Amazon.
Buy games from Amazon that brick the hardware.
Buy new hardware from Amazon to play the Amazon game.

Repeat until Amazon has all of the money in existance.


*with settler colonialism.

I tried, okay.

My question is how all these people got a hold of 3090’s…

I don’t think this is game specific. The EVGA 3080’s and 3090’s have been plagued by a ton of issues it would seem. I was looking into cards before one of the Best Buy drops to see what I should maybe try and get and the advice I was given was get anything you can while avoiding EVGA because you will end up needing to RMA it. Here’s a thread I found from 5 months ago detailing most of the problems.


If I owned a 3090 I would be terrified to actually use it, just in case it fried. I’d keep it up on the wall like a guitar from Spinal Tap. “I can’t be played. Don’t touch it. Don’t even look at it.”