Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - how 'bout that name? - PUBG Megathread


My friends and I picked it up on Friday and played way longer than we ever tend to. If you’re playing it, what do you get out of playing it? It’s the first multiplayer shooter I’ve connected with in a while despite it having all the aesthetic trappings of typical “dudebro” shooters.

Also, what do you want to see come of it? (Seems like it’s updated frequently.) Also, I can’t stand the name.

A couple thoughts about PUBG:

  • It reminds me of The Last of Us’ multiplayer. Anyone else here consider that a gem? That was the last multiplayer gun game I liked. I feel like this has a similar sort of tension that feels so exciting to stew in, even though I often die in my first or second encounter. (TLoU had a more traditional respawn system, so the tension was more bite-sized—PUBG can go on).

  • I don’t mind dying. I usually understand why I died (usually, sometimes you just get fucking shot from Hell), but the looting and thinking wild thoughts about the potential for opponent players to be anywhere at any time is thrill enough. Death is a welcome part of the stew.

  • I love the fantasy while I’m in it, but I do find myself wishing I could 1) form alliances with others and 2) being the last person standing wasn’t necessarily the endgame. Like, wouldn’t it be cool if you could broker a deal with another squad and trade supplies? I like imagining being able to walk up to a person with your hands in the air (maybe adorably waiving a tiny white flag) signaling peace. To what end? I don’t know. But I like thinking about other ways to wring tension out of premise.

I’d also love to hear any cool stories people have since this is That Type of Game.


PUBG falls under the leviathan category of ‘games I like but am not very good at’. Though I do wish it would run better - I tend to have a lot of visual issues playing it.


It’s the worst name, especially since everyone writes it as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. I can’t read the title without feeling like someone is screaming in my face and wanting to wipe their spittle off my cheek.


the name is fine, the only people who don’t like it are uptight af. Who cares. All caps all day baby


it’s also the name of my favorite Linkin Park album


My biggest problem with the game is the client is still super unstable for me in between matches. It basically hard freezes when I try to get back to the lobby. Besides that, it’s pretty exhilarating


It’s a bad name but I still want to play it, so joke’s on me I guess.


I really want to see a WP v GB stream. It’s super fun to watch!


First off, you make some really great points. I particularly agree with your point about dying. In this game, dying feels like a lesson and not a punishment. It’s, at least 90% of the time, something that I could have avoided if I had just been a little more careful.


I totally agree! It’s one of my favourite games to watch streamed in a long time.


It’s a surprisingly thoughtful and exciting game. So much of the conversation around it focuses around its ‘loud’ elements—the highlight reel stuff involving low TTK, fast firefights, desperately wriggling through a hail of gunfire, sprinting for a circle while trying to be unnoticed. For good reason, too, as those elements are really satisfying and well-done!

There’s a quieter game in there, too, though, that I don’t see discussed as much. The experience of humping across its empty world with a few friends is pretty remarkable, and is something that I haven’t experienced in very many games. Rooting around in its eerily-evacuated homes for some materials, listening to the echoes of a distant fight, approaching an outpost and suddenly realizing that all the doors are open, or that that car isn’t pointing eastward, or that this is where you and your squad got destroyed two games ago, all comes together to make for a game that is surprisingly nuanced and emotional. It makes the game’s louder white-knuckle moments all the more effective, too—the experience of playing it can swing hugely in the space of a few minutes.

I’m excited to see where it goes, I hope it keeps its population up.


It’s similar to the Last of Us multiplayer in that it feels really great murdering people with shotguns.


Definitely the game that has the biggest gulf between the quality of the name and the amount of fun I have playing it. It manages to be incredibly tense and goofy at the same time and despite being beyond awful at shooting in PC games I absolutely love it.


you’re too right.



Whenever I see it on twitch it’s so hard to parse out. It doesn’t fit on one line so it looks like “PLAYERUNK
NOWN BATTL…”. It also just sounds like the name of a mod instead of an actual game that you’d buy in a store not that this is any good qualifier for being a good or bad game experience. Bad marketing is still a turnoff and yeah we can talk around in circles about how stupid it is, but the more important thing is (for me anyway) the argument of “how can I buy a game that seems far too identical from the last one in it’s influenced off of and that has a life cycle of until-the-next-one-comes-out which maybe in a few months”.


I think that’s the most interesting thing about it. I never come close to winning (well, once, kinda) but I just love the mindset into which it sets me.


As someone who doesn’t play the game, I honestly adore the name’s sheer inscrutability. I especially love that it’s headlined by a username for some modder you’ve never, as though it were an license-based game.


It definitely gave it a certain, I don’t know, mystique? Like, who is this dude? Why is everyone playing this game with a dumbass name? It stands out for better or worse.


I have two different experiences with this game’s tension. When I’m playing solo, the tension is super high until I inevitably die. Solo play reminds me a lot of my experiences playing the dayZ mod, where I feared going down into a city for supplies, because I knew someone was likely laying in wait for me. Or even the few times I was in a group of friends and we were raiding the army base and we all knew that the longer we stayed the higher chance of us being ambushed by more experienced players, which we were. But the few times I’ve played with a team of four, the tension seems far more lax. Maybe it’s that I’m playing with other casual players and we’re all just chatting as we loot buildings. With a few peaks when we either come under fire or see another team in the distance.

Yeah I don’t mind dying in this either, the stakes are pretty low and the player base is large enough jumping into a new match is rather quick.

Yeah, I kind of wish there could be more ways for players to interact, but I guess that’s not the game they’re going for.

P.S. I absolutely see the Last of Us multiplayer as a gem. My friends and I spent so many hours playing it both on the PS3 and PS4.


The game is super tense, but fun. Also a lot of fun to watch. I wish it supported lower specs though as I really want to play with friends but their PC’s are too old.