Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - how 'bout that name? - PUBG Megathread


Closest I’ve come to winning was when the circle came up on the opposite end of the map from me, I spent too long looting and couldn’t find a car so I ended up dying in the gas while trying to hoof it to the safe zone. Came in fourth, never saw another human being. It was great.


That’s a good point. The huge amount of white space in-between interacting with other players (read: trying to murder them first) ratchets up the tension to an insane degree.

But you’re also making me think about how much of my time I spend crouch-walking up hills with my friends, looking around with some unearned sense of security (or paranoia, depending on the match), just waiting to crest that hill and find a new set of challenges and variables to consider. I’m like, feeling grateful to have that experience with friends. It’s weirdly bonding.


I had a fight between my group and two other groups as the circle was encroaching the other night—I literally had never felt that kind of tension. It’s like a tidal wave is coming at you and you’re shooting at each other and being petty motherfuckers instead of running away from the shared danger.

I guess that’s what I’m talking about when I say I’d like to see a version of this game that somehow incentivizes not ALWAYS murdering strangers.


I love this game! I’m terrible at this game!

I feel like I’m terrible shooting people at a distance. I don’t know whether that’s my internet not ever having great ping for games, or if I’m just… bad. I’ve never been great at shooters.

But man, creeping around in a tiny village, hearing shots pop off from a distance… and then jumping out of your chair when someone shoots you from behind? Happens to me every time. The sound design is on point, and it’s not afraid to range from super quiet to incredibly loud in no time at all.

What I like is that it forces the tense moments of something like DayZ and compresses them into a bite-sized package. The other side of that coin is that the experience can be somewhat predictable. Hopefully they’ll add more variety in weapons and environments soon.

My girlfriend doesn’t really play games, but she loves spectating and spotting while I play, and the company makes it a lot more enjoyable for me. I think the hardcore / youtube / twitch feel of the game turns a lot of my friends off of it, which is a shame. Watching Giant Bomb’s test stream of it the other day made it feel like that’s absolutely the way to play that game.


It really is. I’m always a sucker for network co-op in games—it’s not only a big way for me to keep up with friends, it’s how I met many of them in the first place. We could play normal team-based multiplayer, but that doesn’t scratch the same itch for me. It’s usually too fast, too aggressive, doesn’t really allow the time or the mindset for talking with people in a way that feels substantial or friendly.

PUBG’s pacing nails that co-op feeling more than most? any? other competitive online game I’ve played. Even though it necessitates staying focused on the game’s events, its slower moments feel amenable to a kind of ‘talking about the game’ that’s much more tender than the conversation that accompanies, e.g., a CS:S round. At the end of a play session I always feel like I’ve been spending time with my friends in a way that I appreciate.

This is also really helped by the number of ways the game pushes/allows players to express care for one another. Helping each other up, directing them to weapons, working out who needs what items or ammo or medicine. Even the process of looting them once they’ve been killed feels almost like a mourning ritual, a way of acknowledging death and loss. It’s an interesting and touching way of interacting with teammates, and it feels very organic—none of that Monaco “it’s co-op, but really it’s just a bunch of players bouncing off each other in the same environment” stuff.


I think a diversity in audience and in what people want for the game will hopefully be the force that improves this game past the “hardcore / youtube / twitch” feel you’re describing. And I really don’t try to condescend to people who are in that group—they’re why I’m even playing this game—but it’d be a shame if something this cool never saw a player critique from outside of that group.


Shit, I really feel this. Specifically the idea of it being a more “tender” co-op experience. Like, yes, I’m here for my buddies. We’re rolling down the knock of this ridge, and we might die, but in the mean time we’re talking about that new job I applied for and how we think Mario Kart 8 is so tightly designed, and we hear a rifle crack in the distance and briefly stop to all posit the source of the fight, but we resume, let each other know we found a police vest Lv. 2, “does anyone need it?” and it’s camaraderie with a pacing you just don’t tend to get in modern games, much less modern shooters


This needs to happen!


Aside from Overwatch I’ve hardly played a multi-player shooter since Counter-Strike in college like 15 years ago but this is definitely drawing me back in. I hope my old shooting skills come back a little, definitely feeling rusty trying to hit people.

I just played 2nd for the first time this afternoon and was really close to winning. The final circle ended up being on top of one of the large hills/mountains with a few trees and rocks well spaced for cover for the last 4-5 of us. I got a few kills in the last few minutes after hardly seeing anyone the whole game but mostly just got lucky nobody came up behind me. With 3 of left I was slowly creeping around my cover and just as I saw one guy, the other one died, I think he was outside the circle. I shot the eventual winner a few times before he got me, I guess he just had better armor. Disappointing but still a great feeling to get that far.

The list of stuff I’d like to see added to the game is really long but at the same time I really like the simplicity of how it is now. Only 2 real modes, solo or group, and other than the minute wait time it’s so easy just to hop into a game. I’d love to see variations on the map restriction times, or weapon restrictions (pistols only, snipers only, etc…) and some map options. Still, perfectly happy with the way the game is now considering it’s only a few weeks old and in early access.

Playing with friends and voice chatting is really a great experience too, sharing supplies, covering each other and spotting, hoofing it towards the safe zone, watching a valley while hiding on a hillside. The back and forth between quiet and high pressure shootouts is perfect.


Do we ever find out who the player is?


Playe Run Known’s Battlegrounds. I cannot read it any other way whenever I see the name.


Watching streams of this game has made me realise 2 things:

  1. Watching streams of this game is a lot of fun
  2. I never want to actually play this game.

I’ve realised that I find playing shooters quite a stressful experience, and this is something designed to maximise the stress in every possible way. From that perspective it’s an amazing achievement and I love watching those systems work from a distance but hooo, I’m not going near it.


I haven’t played the game but in the last couple of week’s I’ve watched hours and hours of it. I generally don’t like watching shooters on twitch and not really into survival games at all, but something about the tension and the tactics really interest’s me. The feeling and weight to death really remind’s me of Counter Strike. The feeling that death has a consequence (even if it’s a short one minute wait to re-queue) gives you a sense of what you do matters which would be totally lost if you just auto respawned. I would love to play it but it doesn’t come close to the minimum specs. which hopefully is something they can work on.

I really don’t want them to add much, they are updating at a pretty reasonable rate, mainly on performance balance stuff. They are adding more guns which I think will give a bit of variety to some of the encounters, but what I hope they don’t do is take the success they have had and get a serious case of feature bloat. The game works because it doesn’t have all the baggage of DayZ or H1Z1. Its one thing and it does that one thing really well. Adding too much to it would take too much away from what makes it interesting.

I feel like what a lot of people like about it, is its randomness. It makes it fair. You might suck at shooting but if you get in a firefight and have a M16, and the dude with hundreds of hours and ungodly skills has a shitty handgun you have a better than average chance of winning that fight. Obviously the later in the game you get the less likely that scenario is, but it gives you that feeling like at least in the early stages of a game everyone has a chance.


Combat is an inevitability in Battlegrounds, whereas in DayZ it’s the end point of failed communication. I’m really enjoying the game because of how well it emulates the tension and consequence of combat encounters in DayZ, but the latter’s dedication to producing general human drudgery makes it an endlessly fascinating experience to me.


Gosh, I desperately wanna play this game but I’m completely stuck in Persona and Nier. If a Waypoint community sprung up around PUBG I’d jump on that so quick.


The sound design for this game is pretty remarkable for an early access title. I love how the distant gunfire + kill feed can tell you a story without having to see any of it go down.

(Also, sneaking into a house and hearing unexpected footsteps on the second floor is fucking terrifying.)


My 2 fav things about Playerunknowns Battlegrounds:

  1. The name. Because apparently Playerunknown is just the person’s username, so if anything I wish they had an even DUMBER username so they’d have to call it like WeedLordVegeta’s Battlegrounds. Wait now I just want WLV to make games and put their name in the title now…

  2. The fact that even in team mode there’s only 4 player teams but there’s at least 1 vehicle that seats 5. And it just makes me want to drive around and blast fresh jams through my mic and pull up to people and see how many respond positively to “GET IN.”


This is a super tedious, super frustrating, super tense, super fun game that I can not stop playing.


Actually I take it back. If I found cool people to play PUBG with, I’d probably think about hopping in.


i really like this game a lot, although i’m not very good at it at all, and also it runs like farts on my machine. the sound design is honestly next level though, it’s incredibly good and i can’t imagine i’d like it as much as i do if it weren’t for the incredible way it plays with tension via sound. sitting quietly while someone sneaks around outside trying to figure if you’re in this flat or the one upstairs… it’s very good.