Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - how 'bout that name? - PUBG Megathread


I adore this game. I could go on for hours about what makes this game so good. I’m actually playing right now. Well, I was playing, until it hardlocked and booted me.


If you’re playing this game and have not tried a full 4 player squad you really need to. The game is much more tense and the battles are a lot more interesting. Yesterday my group and I ended up in a small one story house when another group started shooting at us. As we were trying to figure out where we were getting shot from a third group rolled up and started fighting the other group. Then a fourth group came and everything became a chaotic mess.

I watched a friend yesterday drift a buggy into another player, switch seats and kill the dead players friend with a double barrel shotgun.

This game is great.


So for those of us here not in possession of a PC that’s more powerful than a paperweight: who are you vicariously enjoying this game through?
The Giant Bomb Murder Island streams are great, but I’ve also heard good things about Northernlion’s streams and I know Heather Alexandra wants to stream it regularly. Who are y’all watching?


I think I enjoy watching other people play Battlegrounds, GB’s streams specifically, far more​ than I’d ever enjoy playing it.

It just seems like it was designed to cause my stress levels to rise exponentially.


I was similarly concerned that it might be too tense for me to really enjoy playing it, and I have to say: Playing with teammates or on a squad is surprisingly ~fine~. There are still tense moments (breaching or defending houses comes to mind), but the general experience of playing with friends feels light and low-stakes in a way that makes it much less stressful.

Solo play, on the other hand, is much harder on the heartrate. It gets better over time, though. It’s a little like Soma—once you’ve died a couple times and you know what it feels like, it’s much easier to be prepared for it.


Ok. So I’ve had the fortune of playing pretty much all of the major releases this year. It’s one of the best years for video games, well, probably ever. Breath of the Wild was a major milestone. Nier: Automata was revolutionary in terms of narrative. RE7 was a return to form none of us suspected. And so many more.

But after 40 hours in PUBG I can without a doubt say that it’s the most fun I have had playing video games in years. Maybe ever. It reminds me of pulse-pounding matches of Magic: The Gathering as a kid, sitting cross-legged on my parents carpet with my friend. It reminds me of heated Goldeneye N64 and Mario Kart battle mode death matches. It usurps the hundreds of stoned hours playing Guilty Gear with my college friends.

Maybe it will pass. I don’t know. But today, after 40 hours, I got my first “chicken dinner” with a random friend I’ve made on Steam, and I’ve never felt such an incredibly physical response from a video game. We screamed in to our microphones together, nearly in tears.

PUBG is testament to the fact that online multiplayer doesn’t have to be a slur-throwing edge-lord contest, but can be about teamwork and friendship.

PUBG, like Breath of the Wild, for me, isn’t just a “a video game.” To me, it is video games.


Man, so the GB streams are a lot of fun, but as somebody who plays it religiously, they are absolutely painful to watch. Remember when your much younger nephew would come over for Thanksgiving, pick up the SNES pad and try to play Mario 3? Remember how much it made you want to scream as he fell in to every hole and failed every goomba-jump? Yeah, it’s that for me.

Honestly it’s kind of hard to find footage that is competent but isn’t Twitch-style “shout at the camera and be as bombastic and reckless as possible.”


I’m into it, enjoy it, def prefer playing it with a full squad of pals.

Learning the maps is crucial, so I recommend going solo to learn areas and just use it for scouting missions or just learning to get gud so you don’t feel like your newbishness might bring down a team. Major things like item types and vehicle locations trend in the same areas, so just doing that to scope territory can make things interesting if that’s your goal instead of being the last man standing.

I really enjoy collaborative fps’s :slight_smile:


I’m subscribed to Run Button on gamewisp so this sort of thing is actually exactly my jam. I live for that noise.

Plus there’s something to be said for watching someone go through it for the first time and kind of re-living that learning curve through them.


I have a lot of fun playing but mic off is the only way I want to play, It’d be cool if it was mic only after the plane drop… I think my best is #17. Hecky becky the game is hard but I do love a good battle royale with cheese.

The biggest problem I have is making aesthetic choices over Actual Good Gameplay Decisions. I’ll always use an Uzi over an actual rifle and I have zero regrets.

Motorbike helmets are ugly :cry:


Very true on your last point.


so apart from it being good, how are y’all playing it? i’ve mostly been going solo for want of folks to play with who i trust and referring to this map for location tips:

i’m gradually getting more comfortable playing aggressively and suppressing my instinct to hide in a corner with a shotgun until the circle forces me to sprint across the map.


I’m starting to be more comfortable playing alone, which, as others have pointed out, is a very different experience. I end up starting outside of the circle a lot though and don’t see others until the end of the match, which makes for pretty different encounters where both of us are well equipped usually.

But I like the difference in early to mid to late game encounters.


Looks like there are some new maps in the works. The image in the tweet looks like it’s a desert variant. I want to camp out in the stadium?


ooh, this looks interesting! i like that they seem to be leaning slightly more densely urban for a desert map - my first thought was that’d it’d suck incredibly to have to run across barren desert with no foliage or trees of any kind for cover. sand dunes would also be interesting areas, especially if they include a lot of rocky outcrops. a large cliff / ravine would be interesting if they let you choose between parachuting down it or taking a single very exposed road.


I bought it after last week after they talked about it on the Bombcast and got totally enthralled by it.
I’ve made it to #3 in the solo mode and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I am a little frustrated with how difficult it is to determine what direction bullets are coming from but maybe I just haven’t picked it up yet.
I convinced my brother to buy it a few days ago and playing the duo mode with him has been a completely different game. We got to #3 the other day (there were only two other people) and it was insanely fun.
To me, winning the game isn’t that important, it’s about all the small moments of tension and action on the way.
For example, my brother and I dunked on this dude but knew his partner was outside the house. My brother went prone on the floor with an smg and aimed at the door we knew he’d use to come in and I was sitting next to the door so I could see the dude walking up. Then I saw him kneel down and pull the pin out of a grenade.
I mashed F and the door closed right before the grenade went through and it bounced off.
Turns out it was just a smoke grenade but I still felt like the coolest dude when it happened.
I killed 5 dudes that round and we ended up getting #14 but I didn’t care because I will remember that game forever.


Second ever game. It looks and runs awful on my old PC but, its certainly playable. My hands are shaking, ahaha. I basically played it like the Phantom Pain - I stayed low as often as I could and kept to cover. Never shot first unless the person was right on top of me. You’d be amazed how many people don’t notice you.


Yes, not shooting is more important than shooting. Or more accurately, shooting at the right time is the most important part.

My only win so far has been in duos and our strategy is simply to stay out of site, keep eyes everywhere, and always tandem-fire. Always. Two people firing at a target is twice as fast, which means twice as likely to kill.

@SomeCoolGuy You are totally right, it’s all about the stories you accrue. That being said, getting a chicken dinner is maybe the most accomplished I’ve ever felt playing a game? Maybe aside from beating Ornstein and Smaug?


Well I have to focus on the stories because I haven’t gotten that chicken dinner yet…


this isn’t mine but i had a game that went almost as far as this

this is amazing