Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - how 'bout that name? - PUBG Megathread


Just got the game, would love to play with some Waypointers. Only played solo so far and managed to get a #3 on my third try go ever (it tense!). Add me on steam @FelixCulpa


@felixculpa, I’ll add you! EDIT: there are a ton of Felix Culpas somehow? Any other info on your Steam account to identify you by? Feel free to DM me.

Update: After 50 hours in the game, my team and I, by some miracle, won three rounds in a row. With how RNG heavy this game is, it seems close to impossible, but somehow we did it.


That is actually surprising. Are you still on a streak or have you broken it?


So those three games were played in immediate succession, then we lost the 4th we played and all left.

We got extremely lucky with the circle. We never got zoned out and had fantastic positions for all three games. Plus, one of our players is a maniac with the KAR. Our number one priority was to find a Kar and an 8x for him, at which point the game was functionally over. I think in one of the matches he had 16 kills?

Each drop we started in South Georgopol (guaranteed car and decent loot) and arked northwest across the map and found good hills.


Holy shit. I didn’t grow up a PC gamer and built my own for Fallout 4, so this game has been my sink-or-swim for keyboard and mouse. Let me tell you I am shit with the snipers. I can get a shot or two off but if someone moves erratically at all, I’m kind of done. Most kills I can expect to get in a good game so far is about four or five.

I do find that luck with the circle is a big determining factor in this game. If it forces you to get funneled you get fucked. Keeping on top of it is a huge part of the gameplay, which I like, but it wasn’t a component of the game I expected to be so prevalent in strategy, nor a mechanic with which I have any familiarity.


My tip would be if you feel you are having trouble aiming, lower your mouse sensitivity or your look sensitivity in the settings. My aim improved ridiculously when I lowered my dpi to 500 :smiley:

As for the circles, I have found the same thing too. I’ll be fully decked out and suddenly I’ll realize I have to leg it all the way too the island and that’s upsetting. One thing I found though is if you’re playing in squads, people rarely settle around the cities, and there’s always garunteed cars there, so you can loot up and have a way to get around the world quickly. I don’t know how it is in solo though, as I try and avoid cities in solo.


Totally, zone management is a huge part of the game. At a higher level, the most important currency in the game is cover. Like, you know that there is a hill in the zone, so it’s important to get there first, for example.

I actually just published my review of it here if you’re interested. I’ve actually never scored a game this high (except Breath of the Wild, which I actually declined to score because it just didn’t seem fair.)


I think the name is part of the draw really. When I first heard about it the name was so weird I had to go see what it was and after watching people stream it I was hooked. The name is certainly weird but I think it abbreviates well (I pronounce it “pub gee”) and it’s certainly not the first to go with full caps (METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE) or with someone’s name (Sid Meier’s Civilization, American McGee’s Alice).

My unexpected enjoyment though? I love seeing insane, stupid usernames that seem to constantly pop up in the killfeed. Reading that KillBosby shot c**squirt69 with a crossbow fills me with a small amount of joy every time.


You took some really good screenshots in this.


Had to use some stock - still getting used to constantly snapping shots while playing games!


I think I would like PUBG a lot more if the gunplay in this game didn’t fall somewhere on a sliding scale between “Total Bullshit” and “Unintelligible Bullshit.”

I like the scavenging mechanic well enough, I just wish that there were other ways to find people other than physically running into them or getting shot by someone from outside of time.

Oh, also; I don’t know if this is an Early Access glitch or a My Computer is Having Trouble Rendering glitch, but does anybody else have a problem where for the first 30 seconds or so, buildings are these weird half-melted piles that are inaccessible?


I’ve seen screenshots of that, it looks like a Level of Detail issue (The buildings are supposed to turn into a melted pile when you’re far away so they’re cheaper to render). It’s probably an early access thing but you could try messing with your graphics settings.

I achieved greatness last night.


congrats! that had to feel good :smile:


Dying is the ultimate teacher in this game. Haha. The only time I even remotely feel cheated is when the circle kills me, and 9.9/10 times that it is my fault/choices/poor circle management that led to that outcome anyways.


So I’m having trouble getting the game to run. Basically, I join a server, I get sound, no actual gameplay. I can hear myself get kicked out of the plane, land, die - everything. I just… have no way to play.

Anyone have any experience setting the game up? Like, Firewall settings, antivirus stuff, config files… anything to end this.

I’ve had one working game. Top 50. By default… I hid like a coward, ambushed a guy to steal his gear, ran panicked to the circle and got merced by a guy who knew what he was doing also getting in the circle.


Here is a guide on the PUGB forums which might help you find sulutions:

Good luck!

Got my first #1 yesterday plaing duo with my brother. Amazingly I think I never got shot at. We managed to creep into a wheat field around when were only 13 players left and hadn’t encounter anyone before that. And being prone in the field no one saw or decided to shot at us. My only kill during the entire game was the last third person alive (I think his buddy got knocked out).


I love the way how every gunshot you hear in PLUNKBAT means something.


I’ve had 3 top 10s and a 2nd, out of sheer luck - despite all the tweaks, the game to load approximately 10 seconds after I hit the ground.

What I do now is when I hear plane engines in my headset I count down from 15, eject, head hard and fast straight down, and go prone the second I can hear my own footsteps. Only once led to issues (I was in the sea to the North East when the game loaded in)…

Ordering a new SSHD in a week anyhow (HDD getting full) so hopefully the move to a faster HDD will improve performance some.


Just giving this thread a little refresh in light of PUBG topping the Steam concurrent players chart, beating out the much-played Dota 2.

How have folks been finding PUBG now, three-four months on? I’ve definitely cooled considerably on the game as I approach my eightieth hour, largely because my PC isn’t quite good enough to run it smoothly and, after a while, I found that it increasingly weighed on my mind when I was playing. No fun trying to go for spice when a landing might be botched by the buildings taking too long to load in.


Top 10 again last night. Was using a Groza from a create that I was lucky to have drop near me. The last circle ended in a open field and died when risking to running to the safe zone.