Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - how 'bout that name? - PUBG Megathread


All 3 of my wins have come from playing duos, so even when the friends I usually play with aren’t online, I’ll just match up with a random partner. This probably sounds terrible to most people for a game like this, but it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s been really interesting and helpful to see how different everyone’s survival strategies are outside of my own circle of friends. Most of my teammates were surprisingly chill and easy-going, and as long as both of you have a mic it’s a nice time.


I’m still enjoying the game a lot; mostly in duos or squads (I’ve got just a touch over 300 hours logged now). Solos are okay sometimes when I want to warm up before a friend goes online, and sometimes I do well, but the experience is uuuusually slightly south of fun.


Still really liking it and playing it a lot. First person mode is the only way to play for me and my group now. Made a game that was already fun 10x better.

We started playing a couple of new gamemodes we came up with to make things more interesting my favorite so far is “Bikers”


  1. Assemble a biker gang look in lobby and determine the name of your gang

  2. You are not allowed to loot or pick up anything until you have acquired a bike. It is preferable that everyone have their own bike but others may ride on your bike to help them find a bike of their own faster. You may also use other vehicles to get to find a bike faster but you may still not loot until you have a bike.

  3. The only weapons you are allowed to loot from the ground are Pump and Double Barrel shotguns, pistols, micro uzi and any melee you want

  4. If you kill someone you are allowed to take any weapons off their body and use them

  5. In the event that your bike becomes lost or unusable your number one goal is again to get a bike

Most rounds we actually manage to get in the top 20 if not top 10 doing this some how. People just don’t want to shoot others in vehicles after the circle gets to a certain size it seems because it may give their position away. We also learned the two seater can go in just about any house and can even climb stairs.


I got my first win ever tonight in duos, while also doing the best I’ve ever done, BY FAR.


I’m not saying it’s a better way to play but playing when impaired through alcohol or marijuana are interesting experiences.


I’m running into a lot more blatant cheaters using speed hacks and aimbots. I’m still having fun, but boy does it suck that cheating is becoming so rampant in this game.


So Tencent’s making a PUBG clone

If it’s not a free to play cash grab like so many of their games are it looks like it could actually be quite good.

Also I blew up a motorcycle someone was hiding behind and it didn’t kill them and I ended up getting shot because of it earlier :expressionless:


You can be surprisingly close to a vehicle exploding and not take any damage from it; it’s not at all like the radius of a grenade (which works more similarly to how area of effect attacks work in other games)

Video of mine where I’m basically next to a car that explodes and I get the better end of the deal:


I’m excited to try this with a controller on Xbox.


Does anyone have advice on whether or not PUBG will run on my laptop? I don’t mind turning the settings all to the lowest possible option, I really just care about a stable 60FPS.

I have an i7 (7500 2.7 GHz), 8GB of RAM, and an Intel Graphics 620. I have heard the game is a beast on most hardware, but I have also heard that when you adjust certain settings it is low-end friendly.


I doubt it. There’s some videos of it running on the HD 620 but on minimum settings and low resolution they’re still only getting 15 fps tops.


I don’t get stable 60fps (varies between 30-110fps depending on where I am) with a GTX 980 graphics card with most settings on low, so no, you won’t get stable fps with your machine.


I know this is a thread bump by all definitions but I’m posting just to say to update your address books because I live here now.

The circle had shrunk to its lowest and the other person was below and didn’t have a shot on me. The moment I took initiative though I learned they had a level 3 vest and got got.


I just found out that if you shoot out one front tire on the party bus it goes faster. No idea why that is but hey it works.


Bumping this thread because that new gamemode is a ton of fun! If you are looking for fast matches that last about 10 minutes you need to give it a try.


i want the new map dang it!!!


yall been playing the War mode? it’s basically team deathmatch and it’s actually really cool and fun, strong recommend.


I’m bumping this thread (once again!). A year on from 2018, how are folks finding PUBG? Is there still a good/vibrant playerbase for it? I still ocasionally get the itch to pick it back up but haven’t commmited to it.


I certainly think about playing it a few times a week which is more than I can say about any other mp game.


Haven’t played in a couple of weeks, but I still enjoy the game a lot in duos/squads. Only reason I haven’t been playing is because most folks seem to have moved on to CoD/Battlefield, and I don’t like playing the game solo anymore.

PUBG Mobile is actually the far more popular and well-supported version of the game. They are getting a crossover promotion with Resident Evil 2 soon.