Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - how 'bout that name? - PUBG Megathread


Dropped it completely after 3 back to back matches where my squad got wiped by an obvious cheater.

Was thinking about it over the other day actually and remembered that Will Smith streams it so went and watched a vod and was just about to ask friends if they want to give it another chance when Will casually asked if his teammate thought the shooting was coming from a hacker.

If the game is still in a state where hacking is that common then I don’t want anything to do with it. Also having a banner that is talking about fixing a game that supposedly left early access also doesn’t exactly compel me to reinstall.


Haven’t played it regularly in about a year. All the people I used to play with moved on to Ring of Elysium, and I moved on to not really having fun with battle royale anymore. The people I know who used to play it daily all have a severely negative opinion of PubG now though, none of them would even consider going back unless there are significant changes. I had my (120ish hours worth of) fun with it but no real desire to come back.


I’ve been playing it with buds every few weeks. Runs surprisingly well on a terrible internet connection like mine. I think it has kinda begun to stagnate feature-wise compared to other battle royale games (They just keep adding guns and guns and guns while call of duty has loads of gadgets and Fortnite has loads of modes) but I still think it has the best gunplay out of any of them. Wish there was a few more “support” items added in. Even a Counter Strike style decoy grenade, Binoculars, or a claymore would be a very interesting addition.


Of the few discord channels I joined when the game was still in beta just one is really active anymore. That last active channel has gotten nice and familiar though. It remains a game I play weekly and while I’m not amazing at it I still have fun. Enough fun that I double dipped and have it on Xbox to play with my non-PC gaming friends back when it got into beta there.

I keep an eye on Will Smith’s Twitch and the customs he runs from time to time have been enjoyable. A bridge ambush/road block we set up in a 50 v 50 match was a recent highlight. It’s one thing to get a few folks in an ambush but when it’s a couple squads worth piling up, things get really exciting.