PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds LFG / LFT - come play!



Are you sickly obsessed with this game, that has no right to be as good as it is?

Good, me too. That being said, I only have a handful of Steam friends that play it, and Duo/Squad is by far the most fun way to play, at least in my opinion.

So - looking for friends? Shout out your Steam name and let’s play!

My Steam name: blacklungbandit (made 10 years ago when I thought weed was suuuuper cool.)


Hi! I’m super casual 36 year old looking to try a lil of the duo/squad stuff in this game. Also checked out No Coast Gaming and really like what y’all are doing over there. Site looks nice and im always looking for a new podcast to listen to. I friend requested you on steam. Amondrool


I swear we’ll connect on pubg at some point! I should be on tonight.

For anyone else looking to add, my steam name is: Ladedadeda


I’m currently Baby Jager on Steam, but ViggyNash may also work.


We could also make a steam group


I’ve been enjoying the game a lot but the few games of Duos I’ve had the chance to play have been awesome, so I’m down as well. I’m Ghave on Steam too (assuming it doesn’t revert my name to Edaem for the 6th time), so anybody feel free to add me. Are people just using the Waypoint Discord for voice chat? I shut the in game chat off immediately, haha.


Thanks so much! I appreciate that. I didn’t get your friend request though, can you shoot it again?


I’m very close to pulling the trigger and committing to this game, largely on account of Austin & Patrick’s streams (and also general positive buzz), only holding back because of a tight money situation atm and not having a group to play with. It sure seems to me like half of those issues would be resolved by this thread…


Totally! We can show you the ropes. It’s got a hardcore learning curve, but once you grok it, it’s sublime.

…and I may have given it a perfect score… that’s not crazy, is it?


I’m loving this game, while most of the time has been Solo I’ve played some Duo/Squad with some friends and am starting to feel that mode is the ideal way to play the game. My steam is VictusUnus, shoot me a friend request if ya’ll ever want to play.


Not sure why but now I get an error message when I try to add you. if you are ever looking for another player let me know… amondrool


Yeah, Austin and Patrick’s streams got me into this too, so it’d be awesome to play it with some cool people!

It’s been a while since I’ve played a gunsy mcshooty game like this, so I’m probably pretty rubbish too, but happy to play with anyone who wants to group up!

I’m LavaKnight on Steam, and tylerknight#7746 on Discord.


Well, I bought it and played for about half an hour…

Sadly, even on absolute minimum graphics my old potato of a laptop can’t play it at any more than, oh, about 10 fps. That’s the first time I’ve used the Steam Refund functionality. :cry:


i’m online right now. Trypio on Steam but sadly I don’t have a headset currently so I won’t be able to communicate.


Hi everyone i have become hooked ever since Austin and the Giant Bomb folks starting talking about it my steam name is also Stealthoblivion, I just got my first squad chicken dinner today in a roller coaster of match and i would be glad to squad up with anyone.


Hey! I know I’m a little late to the party but I just got Battlegrounds and would love to play with a group! I’m Scrimler on steam if anybody wants to team up!


I’m looking at this game with a lot of interest, but one question stops me. How viable is to play alone? Mostly because of a personal preference and is probably the way I could play the most.


So it is an almost entirely different game solo. While I slightly prefer duo/squad, solo is a blast. It’s much more of a horror game and purely about survival. It shifts the dynamic to small-scale, real-time squad tactics, to long stretches of planning, hiding, running, and scavenging, only briefly perforated by spurts of extreme violence. For what it’s worth, I’ve got 85 hours in the game and 20 of those have been solo - I would probably play solo more if I didn’t always have somebody yelling at me to squad up.

Cameron Kunzelman has a great piece on the front of WP right now about how much fun it is to play “squad solo”, which is to say, you drop in solo against 11-12 other highly coordinated groups of four. I’ve done it myself and it’s absolutely terrifying.