PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Share your War stories

Hello everyone I’d like to share with you all (and hear your) tails of exciting encounters in everyone new favorite murder island simulator PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I’ll kick off this topic with the tail of my last round played and first squad win.

I wasn’t hopeful of how this round would go when none of the people I was matched with were responding over voice chat, and that hope sunk even lower when they didn’t go to the drop point i had set at Pochinki. I think they must have been talking outside of in-game chat, because they had all dropped together south of Severny. Out of my own stubbornness I continued to Pochinki alone dropping in north of the city and taking a bike in.

Little did I know there was another squad already there. Pickings were slim for me and by the time i ran into them all i had was a vest, a pump shotgun and three or four smoke grenades and a large medkit. I was stuck in a 3 story building when I encountered the first one remembering what Austin said in Breakfast and Battlegrounds I decided to “live in the smoke” and tossed all my smoke grenades throughout the house and charge in and attacked. I was Immediately severely wounded and failed to take out my enemy, I retreated to a small side room to reload my shotgun seeing the rest of the enemy squad closing in through a window I chose to be a huge coward and try to escape before the had cleared firing shots into the smoke out of desperation I charged out of the room I was hiding in jumping over railings of stairways and managed to slip out of the other door on the bottom floor with gunfire going off around me the whole way. I immediately cut threw an adjacent building to beak the line of sight between me and my attackers and made my way to the eastern side of town to try to find another gun and use my large medkit. The time it took to apply the medkit felt like an eternity. i was lucky enough to find an auto shotgun and a ump in the upstairs of the house i was hid in when the first red zone hit.

Healed and restocked I made a run for it, zigzagging between houses toward the south east and dropping into the large trench on the boarder of the town the the farmland i continued down the trench and into the farmlands that wrap around the east and south east side of the town. I was half way threw the field when another red zone started on my path i took shelter in one of the two story bunkers that are scattered around the island. When the bombs were falling I made the decision to try to regroup with the rest of my squad to the north. I followed the road south to look for a car with no luck until I was about to hit the southern boarder of the white circle when I heard a car moving in to my area, I went prone and watched them drive up to a group of three shacks on top of a hill to the south of Pochinki. I approached the the parked Suv and threw a smoke grenade in front of it to hopefully make some cover for me. I hopped in the drivers seat and backed down the hill making a sloppy J-turn and sped around edge of the hill the hill back the way i came.

Driving the the farmlands east of Pochinki and checking the map I saw the rest of my squad was stopped at a group of buildings north of Rozhok the blue circle would start closing in soon. i followed the road north until I started hearing heavy fire pliking off the side of my vehicle i cut threw the field west of the school and took the road over the small island with two bridges on it taking fire all along the way. I finally regrouped with my squad, one of them was jumping up and down to greet me.

I tried to tell them I Suv was low on gas, they couldn’t hear me or were uninterested. two of them stared to make their way south and cross the river, the other waited for me as i check a near by building when I got out they were in the truck and I joined them making a small bridge to the east on the map I was a little concerned when they didn’t follow it. Instead they had slowly drove to the edge of the hill overlooking the river and then began to speed down it. To my surprise we hit the river with enough momentum to drive out the other side of the river (didn’t even know this was possible in this game) the four of us climbed the hill south of the river and made are way into Rozhok.

The first buildings we came across were a pair of warehouses, I found an A.F.K. player watching a doorway. I coldly shot them in the back, my first kill of the game. we continued south threw Rozok the was circle closing in again I saw someone on a roof of a building on the southern edge of town next to the large hill with the water tower on it. we started to hear gunshots around us and i raced into the same building and made my way to the roof, only to find the person dead and get instantly down by another squad of people i didn’t see on the hill I managed to crawl back threw the door while the rest of my team engaged them from the ground. I desperately made my way down the three floors when my meter was almost out the shooting stopped and a Squad mate ran in and revived me i healed up with the few bandages i had and took some pills and made my way up the hill with the rest of my somewhat wounded squad to the field on the other side where the white circle now resided.

There were no more buildings left in the play area just field with a few trees and a small ridge in the center. The living player count was low around ten when we entered the circle couldn’t have been more than two other squads there. gun shots rang out i couldn’t tell the direction but my squad mates did the player count dropped to seven i ran across the field to the edge of the small ridge that ran threw it one of out squad got downed and another killed out right. player count five. I crouch walked along the ridge in third person to get eyes on the remaining enemies two dark shapes popped up on top of the ridge, I was ready wit my auto shotgun and fired into them. It happened so fast I didn’t see my remaining squad mate kill the other person, but we had won and i got my first chicken dinner!

If you read all of this Thank you writing was never my strong suit but I really like to tell stories, and I’m sure i made a lot of grammar mistakes along the way. I don’t expect everyone to write posts this long this whole match was just really eventful for me so i thought i would share it.


Played my first Duos game today. Got the guy who got my teammate, but I eventually died to a guy who was Rambo-ing it up in the woods. I was hiding and I saw this guy kill a duo that rolled up on him in a car. He killed these two dudes and then rolled up on me like Rambo, or the Predator.

.#10, so best place ever, but still.

Serious Story:

Me and a couple buddies were playing together for the first time. I was new to squad games so I didn’t quite know what to expect. We built up a decent haul traveling down the southern coast of the military base island as the circle converged on the north-west portion of the island. Most of the other teams took care of each other while we got pot-shotted from a team hidden in a copse at the base of the hillside that we were trying to defend, and eventually the field dropped to 4. That meant there was one person on another team left, and we just had to find him. The circle closed in on the other side of the hill so we carefully made our way over, wary of a potential one-man sniper army. My buddies took positions higher up on the hill covering our flanks, while I went partway down the hill to watch the valley where the circle would soon converge upon. For a while we waited there, making sure to shuffle around so it was harder for a sniper to hit us, but then I noticed something move in a large patch of bushes in my field of view: a foot. Turns out I’d been staring at the last remaining player for a good minute without realizing he was there.

I of course made quick work of him and we won that delicious chicken dinner.

Non-Serious story:

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I was on the second floor of a house and saw an unarmed player wearing a motorcycle hat near the stairs. I popped out, first person view, and ambushed him. He immediately ran away and sprinted after him without caring about my own safety. Somehow, I managed to track him down in another house. As he was picking up items I just unloaded a full clip into him.

I think I prefer playing this game in first person.