Playing games in non-English languages

One of the few games I’ve played in a different language too. I tried to keep it in Russian as much as possible, but it got to be pretty confusing in the various settlements where multiple side conversations were occurring while I was walking by and I felt I was missing out. Worth it just to hear how excellent Artyom’s Russian voice actor performance is in those loading screens though.

Best choice is always anything with multiple VOs ie more languages, as mentioned in this thread.
‘Remember me’ is a particularly interesting example because the gulf between its french VO and its english VO is almost ridiculous. So anything you can find that is that is good for your purposes.
You can also do the reverse by just having foreign language subtitles and english VO.
MMOs are a good tool as well, switching languages in the bigger ones such as WoW or Guild Wars 2 is relatively easy last I checked and the particular exercise to do there is if you have a familiarity with the skills you can compare the english words used as ability names with the foreign language ones.
Kinda like a dictionary really. While you beat up idk demons or whatever they are up to now.