Playing games that you don't like


I actively try to avoid this. I know my tastes pretty well so I try to curate my experiences such that I don’t run into games that… I don’t want to say waste my time since that’s more negative than I usually mean, but games that I have a bad emotional reaction to. I play games for entertainment and I want that to be the primary result I get from them. So if i’m playing a game I hate- I stop playing. If I think i’ll dislike a game- I don’t buy it.

But also I don’t believe in hatewatching or ironic enjoyment or any of those terms. If someone is getting entertainment from their interaction with a piece of media, for whatever reason, then that entertainment is legitimate. Movies like The Room, or games like The Quiet Man. The Quiet Man is a giant pile of garbage that I would never play myself, but I have repeatedly watched full playthroughs of it just because of how terrible it is. I love that horrible, horrible game. It is bad but in a way that gives me joy.


i think im rapidly getting to this point with XCOM:EW Long War. i dont think i’m enjoying the (significant) time ive sunk into it anymore, getting destroyed over and over again. but i keep coming back? and i dont know how to just walk away quite yet.