Playing Genesys, FFG's RPG system

I play(ed) Android: Netrunner, and in craving that sweet New Angeles content, wanted to play the new Genesys module, Shadow of the Beanstalk, so I bought in. This is a lot like FFG’s Star Wars RPG, but broader. I’m going to run this one since I know a lot about the Android setting.

Are people playing this? what tips do you have for someone who is totally new to playing TTRPGs?

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I’ve been running a Sci-Fi game I constructed from the Genesys core rulebook and I’ve been having a lot of fun. I’ve never played the Star Wars RPG.
I feel like Genesys works really well as a narrative focused game. My advice would be to try to give your players a lot of freedom in how they want to use their story points and spend advantage.
I also feel like Genesys works really well for making up your own abilities. For my scifi game, I let each player make up a skill/ability they wanted to have. So we have an assassin who can teleport, a ball of goo who can possess technology, and a cat person who can hack with her mind.
I like to play it pretty loose. Just set up a scenario and let the players try whatever they want. Then a lot of the DMing is setting an appropriate difficulty and being able to roll with whatever goes down. I don’t think it’s a good system for a super linear game.

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I play Age of Rebellion with a group online. I absolutely LOVE narrative dice, but I find it a bit perplexing when dealing with space combat. Range bands, size differences, etc. just are a bit out of my depth.

I think of the main problems with narrative dice is that they work better as a digital dice. The common excuse is, “You don’t have to do any counting!” No, but you do have to count your symbols, see which counter the others, and then get a total. Sometimes, that can take longer than a simple D20 count. With the app or on Roll20 though, those dice rolls are majestic. It does it all for you, and then you get to see players lose their minds at amazing successes and catastrophic failures.

I’m using a dice bot on Discord, so that helps. I’m really looking forward to experiencing it and pushing my players into those hard choices.

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Thankfully, that’s pretty much what I have in mind. Jump in, muddy the waters. “Play to find out what happens” as the Sprawl source book says.


How is Shadow of the Beanstalk by the way? I just picked up 2020, so my next Cyberpunk game will probably be that, but I’ve been interested in picking it up.

it looks very cool and fun. has a Netrunner-inspired hacking system, and since I know a lot of the characters and lore, is perfect for what I want to do. Playing as a clone or bioroid has lots of room to explore questions like “what is humanity? what does it mean to be human?” which I feel should be at least part of any good cyberpunk fiction. Haven’t got too deep into it just yet, it only just became available, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Cool! I gotta run by my store and see if they have it.

does require the Genesys core rulebook for some of the skills and such too. The PDF for it should be available on March 5th on drivethrurpg

I already have it. :slight_smile:

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