Playing "video" "games" "on"-"line"

Hey folks! Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of games with friends online. This has been mostly Jackbox stuff, as it’s easy to host, requires only I own it and people can easily join along.

I’m interested in other party games that could have similar properties that make for fun hang out times

  • Have 4 or more players
  • Are relatively easy for people of varying video game experience
  • I can host, to help smooth the process in general along.
  • Quick short games
  • More fun/creative than truly competitive

There are surely other games like this, but I couldn’t think of anything like this on the spot.

Anyone know of other party games in a similar ish vein that could be fun for gathering folks online? (even if they don’t match all the criteria above, of course)

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the only non-Jackbox one that come to mind.

edit: Ooh wait, kind of an odd one, but I’ve played Monster Prom over Skype! I had to input my friend’s choices myself, as the host, but it works for what the game is. Can be a little competitive but it’s mostly too silly to really bring that out in people.


With steam remote play you can play local co-op games with your friends list with only 1 copy of the game. They do need a computer, steam, and mkb/controller though.

You can give a go. It’s a browser based drawing and guessing game. Make a private room, throw in some custom words if you want and give your friends the invite link.

From my experience the custom words tends to repeat somewhat often but that also creates pretty funny moments of friends immediately trying out certain words.

I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet, but depending on what broadcasting tool you are using you can share control of the screen. Theoretically this would allow you to play digital board games. Carcassone would work pretty well for this.