Playstation @ E3 2017

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Time of start is 9 PM EDT/6 PM PDT.

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Please new Fromsoft IP
Please please please new Fromsoft IP


A lot of people seem to be confident that there’s gonna be Bloodborne 2, but now that you’ve mentioned the idea of a new IP, I’d love to see Dark Souls… IN SPACE

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Dark Souls --> Black Holes

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Instead of souls you collect… space…echoes…It practically writes itself

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Game predictions:

  • TLOU2 demo
  • New God of War demo
  • Detroit: Become Human

Wild, out-there predictions:

  • New Sony handheld?

Oh and

  • New thatgamecompany game

We haven’t seen CoD or Destiny 2 yet, right? I’d expect a strong Activision presence as well.

Just give me a FromSoft thing and I’ll be good.

Oh, and lots of weeb stuff.


I can at least say it’ll be better than last year in terms of lacking in games.

They’re going to have to spend time on CoD, Destiny 2, Days Gone, and Detroit. I have zero interest in any of those and oh my god I’m going to hate this conference huh


There’s a part of me that wants Nintendo to snag the Fromsoft reveal, but I know it’s more likely to be here, so ima just get tentatively hyped for this one, yeah? Yeah.

Does look like they’ve snagged CoD this year too though, since it wasn’t at Microsoft. That’s probably gonna be a bore.

Up for what Dad of War is bringing, so that should be fun.

Sony are usually good for surprises though, so other than Fromsoft I’d be well up for something Devil May Cry related. Been wanting that for the last 2 E3s to no avail. I just want to know weather they’re continuing the original series or the reboot, or both, ideally.


Haven’t been keeping super keen tabs on this either but have we seen anything from Platinum? After shipping NieR they’ll probably, like, tease something, right?

I expect Sony’ll be like Microsoft, lots of trailers and a bit of gameplay, of which I don’t care about 60-80% of the content, but the parts I do excite me enough that I forget about the rest once the conference is over. Give me some TLOU2 footage and one or two reveals that excite me and I’ll be a happy camper.

(Also, not to compete with the DMC fandom, but I would cry if we got Dragon’s Dogma 2.)


With Nier shipped and Scalebound canned, they’ve undoubtedly got something unannounced in the works.

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I’m still putting my money on Bayo 3 for Switch. Kamiya was planning on doing it after Scalebound if I remember my old interviews correctly. Maybe not this E3, but sometime.

But Platinum are known for their juggling skills, so I’d be up for something else showing up at Sony. Maybe another licenced property.

Who’s up for Platinum Games He Man: Masters of the Universe?


It seems too soon for TLOU: Part II to have a demo. Maybe they could have one at next year’s E3, but they said it was in early development.

The preshow is showing off some nice games. Some sort of phone game thing people were into, I missed it so I don’t know, and Everybody’s Golf.

Sure, I’ll play Undertale again.