PlayStation Summer Sale Suggestions


Now that we’ve all navigated the quadrennial minefield that is the Steam Sale, PSN has a huge number of games on sale through the 17th. There are a couple I’ve got my eyes on that I’m wondering if anybody can give a thumbs up/down to.

Way of the Passive Fist - I remember this game getting some pre-release buzz then not really hearing about it, which makes me think that maybe its gimmick doesn’t hold up to a full game.

Valkyria Revolution - I know this was not well received and Valkyria Chronicles 4 is on the way, but is this a decent cheap pickup, or just bad?

Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth - First off, I’m just intensely fascinated by the mere fact that this game exists. I know nothing about the story beyond seeing a few minutes of the Starz adaptation. I also think I have some kind of Mandela Effect going on, because I could’ve sworn in the previews that it had just boring 3D lifelike graphics, but it actually has a handpainted, Pyre-esque art style that looks great in the screenshots. Has anyone tried it?

Some of my own recommendations:

Nioh - Get ready for the sequel with the Complete Edition of this 100% historically accurate representation of Sengoku Period Japan. (Seriously, though, come for the SoulsBorne comparisons, stay for the frantic-yet-strategic twists on the genre.)

Hob - A Zelda-ish adventure game that is unfortunately marred by some pretty serious technical issues.

A Hat in Time - The decision to keep JonTron in the game is a bad one, but if you can ignore his voice (or, like me, you wouldn’t recognize it in a million years anyway), there is some really excellent 3D platforming with an adorable aesthetic and great characters. If you were let down by Yooka-Laylee, this might fill that gap.

Anyone else have recommendations, or have some question marks and want to ask the audience?


Actually it wasn’t just the Jontron thing one of the lead dudes also stole a bunch of art by not paying the artists for it so I would avoid A Hat In Time


I hadn’t heard about their not paying artists. Do you know what the story is? All Google is giving me is an r/giantbomb thread with some vague accusations and broken tumblr links.


It never really gained traction in the press but the artists talked about it some. I think there were links in the forum thread for it let me dig them up

Well there’s this for starters but I’ll dig some more:

Ahh okay that is what I was thinking of after all


I really wish Sony would try and connect up their various 3rd party and store departments rather than running them as completely independent entities per-region.

When Steam or GOG or uPlay etc has a sale, the games are almost always in the sale internationally. Individual prices and stuff may still vary by region (unless it is GOG, where they give store credit to offset any local price differences) but generally the games included in the sale are all the same and they’ve worked to make it easier for publishers to opt into that wherever they sell something (with a few edge cases for different publishers having the rights in different regions but that’s pretty rare).

Meanwhile, on PSN they basically run most of their sales per-region so not only are the events not synchronised but also even when multiple regions have sales going on, they’re often not sales on the same games with the same sort of discounts. This not only creates annoyance for consumers who see this stuff online only to realise it’s an offer they may not be getting but also creates more work for publishers (most relevant for small self-published games who don’t have regional sales staff) who have to work with each regional office in preparing for sales.


This has likely become a generic recommendation, but Titanfall 2 is only $5 for PS+ members. I personally think it’s still the best first person shooter on the PS4, and the campaign and multiplayer are both fun to play through. There’s also an Ultimate Edition on sale for $12, but it mainly consists of cosmetics and starter bonuses in Multiplayer.

Unravel is also on sale for $5. I liked the relaxed atmosphere of the game, and the yarn mechanic made for interesting puzzles.


Prey is only $15 if you havent picked that one up yet. The Complete Edition is also only $29.99 (the price of the basic editon), which comes with Mooncrash


My impression of Way of the Passive Fist is the same as yours. It’s a neat idea, but it seems the developer failed to flesh it out well enough for a full game. The GB quick look was not particularly favorable. There have been updates to it since it came out, though, so maybe it’s worth it.

My personal recommendations:
For Honor - A fighting game that looks like a brawler with objective-based modes that doesn’t play like anything else out there. For some reason the deluxe edition which comes with a couple cosmetics and a 7-day XP boost is like $2 less than the standard edition. $18
Doom - It’s the new Doom game. $15
Battlefront 2 - Lootboxes are bad. Starfighter Assault is good. $18
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 - Colorful class-based shooter with lots of different modes of play. The character of Crazy Dave is pretty damn offensive. Beware the microtransactions. $5
Alienation - It’s top-down Destiny. $4


This is a cool thread idea, thanks @WastelandHound.

My recommendations are:

Battlefield 1: Revolution - I know the next Battlefield is set to release in a couple months, but I’ve been playing this in meantime and having a lot of fun with it. The Revolution version I believe gives you the 4 major dlc packs.

Wipeout: Omega Collection - Combines PS3’s Wipeout HD, the expansion Wipeout Fury, and PS Vita’s Wipeout 2048 all into one remastered PS4 treat. It’s a solid racer, but holy crap does this game shine in VR. It honestly looks like it should be a recipe for disaster in VR, but upon trying it, it actually works really well. There’s also a PSVR compatible demo on the PS Store if you’re on the fence at all.

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) - I will never not cast support for the Vita, so I’m putting this on my list of recommendations. It’s a murder mystery/visual novel about students trapped in a high school…with a killer teddy bear? The sequel is also on sale.


Oof. Yeah. Not paying artists is bad. Doxxing them when they call you on borders on incomprehensible. Hopefully some of the people who made A Hat in Time can use that to springboard to other projects, because it really is a delightfully charming game, but I won’t be supporting Gears for Breakfast as long as it’s Kaerlev’s studio.

I caved and bought **Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth** (note: I will never not refer to it as "Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth"). Will spin it up sometime this week, when I need a Fallout 4 break.


The thing I’ve used this sale for is that I got OnRush. That game seemed really interesting but $60 felt like too much. But if you’ve got PS+ (and I’d hope so if you’re thinking about OnRush because it’s really only there for multiplayer), it’s down to $36, and that felt low enough for me to get in.

So far I’m really digging it.


So these are two super mainstream titles, but if anyone’s on the fence I really enjoyed AC: Origins and Watchdogs 2.

Also Hohokum is on sale if you slept on that. It’s delightful. The soundtrack features a bunch of Tycho and is rad too.

(couldn’t tell you how deep any of the discounts are because the web store just shows that I already own them instead of a price)