Please Consider Our Forum CoC!

I know that everyone should have regarded our forum CoC, but have you really taken a good look at it? A real good 'un? Look how long it is. It’s big. I daresay it’s one of the biggest CoCs you can really get around these parts. I’m personally really proud of it. We put a lot of work into this CoC.

Just be sure to follow it when you post or suffer the repercussions.

Mods please close this thread about the CoC if it gets out of hand


I have this site set as my home page, so I see that CoC at the start of every day.


khaled reaads


I look at other forums and think to myself, wow, that CoC is kind of weak.

And then their users are always acting out, really putting the CoC to work.


No one likes to admit that having a decent CoC helps a lot for a forum’s longevity but it’s just one of those things. It’s really hard to put into words cause it’s not nessecarily as some other sites might think about overall length but I really appreciate this forums CoC personally.

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The water bottle is for scale…


Honestly the length of the CoC isn’t really what makes it, it’s the quality


Couldn’t agree more, of course you can’t really blame a site for it’s CoC, often that comes down to early aspects that never really is improved over time. Honestly in this day and age there’s no excuse for a site’s CoC not engaging with its users. There’s plenty of examples of things you can do to make sure that no matter the circumstance your CoC can really be a boon to your overall package.

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Is there an audio recording of the CoC for those of us who are constantly driving or going on long road trips?


How moderators handle the CoC also increase the efficacy and can take a forum experience from mediocre to superb over a long period of time. It really increases retention.


You don’t hear the CoC so much as you feel it. I’m confident that you’ll get the CoC one way or another.

Catch that CoC before the CoC catches you…

For months after the CoC was posted/updated, and it appeared at the top of the forum page, where I had to scroll through, and read, the entire thing before I could scroll down to read other threads.

It was a better time. I know not why it went away.
I fear I may be dead to it, but it is read to me. Bless that CoC.


we don’t need to see the scale. we can get a feel for the CoC from the formatting and presentation alone. Like yeah, okay, it’s long. I’m not stupid. But is it nice? I can’t tell. This is a bad picture, you took a bad picture. Spend more time on framing and content, and let the CoC speak for itself. C-

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I guess you’re just gonna have to see the CoC for yourself. I’m done trying to prove something.

Always trying to put a good CoC on trial.

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Xboinking in the CoC thread is not allowed :wink:

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People can talk about your CoC all they want but until they’ve seen it, they won’t ever really GET it, you know what I mean.

I lot of people claim to have seen a sites CoC and then try to talk about it without having not even glanced it and frankly that’s disrespectful and the only person you end up playing is yourself.


Liveblogging this thread from my women’s studies class


I do love a good CoC

I bet that class doesn’t have a CoC. I bet it’s just out of control in there.