Please empty the bucket

I would like to suggest a weekly question bucket cleaning. In addition to relieving a lot of anxiety for everyone involved (or is it just me?) many questions have an expiration date or have been answered by the time you get to them.

Danielles visceral image of a festering fish bucket was the last straw.

Release the remaining questions back into the sea, and ask for questions that didn’t get answered to be resubmitted.

Then we can all sleep peacefully.

Thanks for doing gods work

-john from MKE


Look, there is a potentially tactless politically charged question that I submitted months ago that either Waypoint smartly burned after reading or is festering away somewhere in the depths of the question bucket, spoiling the fish inside and giving off the most horrible smell. Just dump it all out so my shamefully underthought opinion can escape exposure.

If each question in the bucket was a fish how heavy would the bucket weigh?

On topic I agree, something like a monthly dumping of the bucket might be needed. Might I suggest having an end of the month podcast where any questions that the crew felt should be addressed could be?

An alternative to completely dumping out the bucket would be to go through it, say, monthly or so, and only keep the less time sensitive ones.

I do think answering new questions on one day and older questions on another day works pretty well, and along with an occasional episode devoted to bucket-emptying, not sure things need to change too much.


I like the idea: you get to engage with your listeners without prioritising their questions/feedback based on when it was sent, potentially meaning that any email can be eventually read. This is especially powerful given that the podcast and hosts, while indeed discussing news and goings-on, are ready and willing to tackle deeper issues and questions regarding the medium, so many emails go for those types of questions rather than just about what happened that particular week.

However, since the podcasts are short, and only a handful of emails get answered every time, what this means is now there is a huge backlog (I am assuming). And then the hosts pick random numbers, which are presumably in chronological order? It is a bit clunky. So I think that while the idea and the thinking behind it is good, the execution could be better.

I don’t pretend to know how to “solve” this, but yes, a monthly clean up seems like a good option, especially since I doubt that you will want to change the format and length of the podcast - it is well established now and flows naturally. An extra podcast that is geared at just answering questions could be a bit too much in terms of extra preparation and work perhaps, and will almost definitely increase the amount of emails sent in.

A weekly cleaning might be a bit excessive. I definitely agree that it should be cleaned but I would suggest monthly instead. It would probably take too much time to go through and filter the ones that don’t have an expiration date. People can just resubmit their questions knowing they’ll expire on the 1st of every month if they don’t get to it on the podcast.