Please look at this local eatery's website


My favorite place to get a clam strip sandwich or a shake is a seaside stand that doesn’t really need a standalone website. You can’t order online, and the menu is actually a little out of date (they have lobster now!) but they managed to produce what I believe is the single most memorable culinary webspace on the internet. Please, give it a look. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Just note:


Has the website also been open since 1948?

This little friend is my favourite:

but is it a sandwich?


Ice Cream now served!!


For years, I have evangelized that all restaurants need a simple web presence that communicates a few simple pieces of information: location, phone number, HTML version of the menu (not a PDF what is wrong with you, nobody wants a PDF?), maybe a form for reservations or online orders.

I have been a fool.


This is incredible.


this owns and now I really want seafood.


Whatever is in that Flash video must be pretty special. Alas, I am on my phone, so all I see is a pretty bland website. I do have to give them credit, as @TheOtherJeff said, html menu is the only choice for reasonable human beings, so just that fact makes me want to go there, even though I’m allergic to shellfish.


When I see stuff like this I always want to know the story behind it.

Like, it didn’t just spring fully formed from the head of Zeus. Each element in that beautiful paean to early-Internet web design was considered, fussed over, and thought about.

What kind of beautiful soul took the time to complete this masterpiece? What was their motivation while making this? Their fear, if they have any?

It’s just too pure to exist in our jaded age of parallax viewing and fancy CSS.


I, too, hope that site’s graphic design heralds a gradual shift in our culturally accepted standards for a restaurant’s Internet presence.

We can call it the Overton’s Window.



Someone please tell me the detailed backstory of the person with just enough Photoshop skill to indiscriminately throw Inner Shadow on every single piece of text.


Their serving ice cream was actually kind of a big deal around the time this site probably went live. They used to own an ice cream stand around the corner, but they sold it off to a family friend. However, when he passed away a rival family acquired it and turned an asset into a competitor.

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Folks, I’m glad to inform you that Overton’s has opened for another season!

I had clam strips and a chocolate shake, all as good as ever.


Ice Cream
Small Large
Cup Cone 1.00 2.00

Hard Ice Cream
Small (1 scoop) 2.50
Large (2 scoops) 3.50


Oh no, they changed the website.

This is a travesty.

RIP Hot Dog Friend


Worry not, my friend. The Wayback Machine has you covered


Thank god. I didn’t think anybody would’ve bothered archiving it, but this important relic has been preserved: