Please, No More ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Yesterday’s PlayStation 5 showcase was a powerhouse of game reveals. Insomniac is working on a Wolverine game and Spider-Man 2, God of War Ragnarok premiered its first trailer, and Rockstar announced it’s re-releasing Grand Theft Auto V. Again. Of all the 18 trailers revealed during the showcase only one has more downvotes than upvotes on YouTube and it’s Grand Theft Auto V. Twitch streamer Lord Balvin accurately captured the mood of the community.

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It’s been said a ton of different ways, but I really don’t envy Rockstar having to make a GTA VI. Like, what would it actually be when there are so many alternatives nowadays? If I want a wacky GTA, Saints Row exists. If I want serious crime drama GTA, Mafia III still hasn’t been beat. And if I want non-American GTA, Sleeping Dogs has me covered. Really, the only thing that Rockstar can do that no one else can at this point is throw ungodly sums at a GTA VI and make it look incredible. Which, hey, that’s cool I guess, but if it’s just going to be a 4K GTA V, then might as well just make GTA V in 4K.

Really, Rockstar was already straining for a differentiation factor back in 2013. The three protagonist system wasn’t that interesting from a gameplay perspective, so I can’t imagine what barrel they would scrape in 2021. Better to just milk their current cash cow.


People keep complaining about GTA5 getting ported over and over again but they make crazy $$$ off of GTA Online so why would they ever stop re-releasing the game that includes GTA Online/the engine/etc?

To get GTA6 there’d have to be like an international unity of people not playing GTA Online anymore.

I’ve tried GTA Online. It’s a pretty fun place to just mess around with friends if you like creating your own things to do in it because the story missions are pretty terrible I think. I think because they’re so uninteresting is why GTA Online makes so much money. People like buying the new cars and submarines and planes and so on they keep adding but it’s so tedious to grind in that people just buy shark cards.

I want to be critical of GTAV cause the story does basically suck and Trevor (despite a great VA) is the worst but good lord I don’t think it’s possible for a greater collection of radio stations to ever be assembled again. FlyLo FM, Radio Soulwax, Non-Stop Pop, Radio Los Santos and Worldwide FM.


Rockstar has enough self regard that I don’t think market conditions necessarily effect the top-down creative direction. As we saw with RDR2, Rockstar iterates on Rockstar games.

I think Rockstar has the problem that their whole GTA brand has been replaced by social media. Poking vicious fun at the decline of American society is most of twitter and half of reddit. Every one compares GTA to South Park because they have roughly the same sense of humour, but also because they have continued to be extremely profitable despite both being culturally irrelevant.

Rockstar have always wanted to be culturally relevant but their two flagship properties now occupy the stagnant roles of nostalgic late 90s nihilism and prestige period drama, when the Housers want to be the A24 of game studios.

What I’m saying is that they need to explore the Manhunt side of the GTA universe. A whole game set in their version of Chicago which is basically just Condemned.

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The question I’ve been asking myself is in what kind of direction will GTA VI go for it’s satire? GTA V was bad, even for 2013 and Rockstar seems to have understood that their American satire approach is a bit outdated, seeing as RDR2 surprisingly tried to say very little about “murica” compared to the first game, focusing mostly on a very personal tragic tale instead, which made RDR2s main story much more serious and helped the game a lot imo. Of course, having a lot to say might have added much more to the story, but seeing RDR I’m personally rather glad they did not.

I remember reading an interview with Dan Houser a few years ago, where he said that, and I’m mostly paraphrasing, he wouldn’t dare make a GTA in the Trump age, because the political climate and the polarization between “liberals and conservatives” is unsuited for GTA style social commentary and satire. Dan Houser left Rockstar a short while ago, so I don’t think he has much to do with GTA VI anyways, but I would say he was basically correct (not that I share his politics in any way) and that the time for these games is more or less past. Telling a more serious story is probably easier in RDR than it is in GTA, but I feel it is the only way GTA can be kept alive without fully embarrassing itself in the narrative department.

Just make 6 a typical GTA game but replace the action with table tennis from the game Rockstar Presents Table Tennis.


IMO I think the best solution is just consider GTA and GTA Online separate properties.

For VI I could see them doing a cyberpunk themed game if anything because that’s the kind of school yard retaliatory behavior I would expect them to have over Cyberpunk 2077. Plus it seems like the kind of setting they could do their satire humor in and get away with without it falling short in the ways society changes during the development of the game.

Also having your game set in a cyberpunk/future setting gives you a lot to play with for multiplayer. You could introduce entire new planets or weird tech without it being out of place in the way a lot of it feels in GTA V.

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Maybe I’m just super cynical but I’m not convinced that this is because people are fed up of GTAV, rather than people being annoyed that it got delayed.


I’m still waiting on Bully 2. Where is it, Rockstar?

I’ll probably be waiting forever. :weary:


Midnight Club 5 for me :pleading_face:

I know they’ve been doing a lot of racing-related updates in GTA Online, but something about the driving and the way the cars feel is not quite the same.