[PODCAST 282] Disney Should Let Star Wars Games Get Weird Again

Use the app. You get the results much faster, and it automatically cancels out the opposing dice.

I’m also reinstalling Old Republic if anyone wants to sync up.

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App was the first thing I bought after my friend lent me the book.

I might check out TOR tomorrow.

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So we got three for a possible group!

Shall I start a discord?

Edit- I started one anyway:

Wow, when it rains, it pours! A month ago I was hankering for some SWRPG, and now I’m in two groups and see this very tempting third one :smiley:

What’s the time zone? I’m in Europe and not very flexible on weekdays.


Join anyway! We’ll figure something out.


Star Wars Pod Racer remake? Or just a new one? Let’s make up something like the scrap scavs on Jakku making speeders out of junk and racing them in the ship graveyard.