[PODCAST 283] Why a Perfect Sequel Is More of the Same but Completely Different

Game sequels can be tricky to pin down. Is it better to make a sequel that hews closely to the original or something completely different? How much change does it need to have to be a true sequel versus something that could be DLC for the original game? Sometimes players want more of a franchise because they love the story, but could take or leave the mechanics, and visa versa. And sometimes the reaction to a sequel will be tied up in worry that if the developer doesn't get it "right," it could be the end of a beloved franchise. The Waypoint Radio crew discusses what they want out of sequels, the shift in story focus in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and answer listener questions on today's Waypoint Radio. You can read an excerpt and listen to the full episode below.

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Hmm, isn’t a lasagna burrito just cannelloni?


I’ve been waiting for this to go up, so that I could be the first to recommend Chip+Ironicus’ Lets Play of Metal Gear Rising Revengence, which is the ultimate This is more fun to watch than it would be to play LP.

The Mario Odyssey one is really good also


That’s high praise considering how good that game is.

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shoutouts to sad ghost corsola and her new evolution that made me do a double take the first time I saw it in the a gym battle, cursola

I watched this LP while I played through the game. I’d play a level then go back and watch the LP of that level. It was a great way to play that game. Funny, but also educational, since that game has very rich systems.

Anyone have opinions on whether I should jump into Cut or Uncut commentary?

Edit: See below

For anyone curious according their site, cut is with talking over cutscenes removed and uncut its left in.

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