Podcast accessibility question


Hi all,
I guess this is a question not just for the staff but also the community .

I have severe hearing issues, which have involved over 20 operations since I was 8 (I’m 33). I’ve had on and off hearing aids (currently off, due to titanium implants in my ears) but my hearing is way below normal people.

With all that context in mind, has anyone else noticed the Waypoint podcasts being produced / released at a lower volume than they had been? For me, normal voices can be a struggle to hear. At louder volumes, other people can turn the voices down, but I’ve got external app volume enhancers on and am struggling at points to hear.

Podcast people - can I ask if anything has changed? Or is it more my hearing?


I’ve noticed this as well, this site might help ya


I’ve got tinnitus, not bad enough to affect my normal hearing though. That said, I have noticed just how much of a difference there is in volume lately. I sometimes listen to podcasts to fall asleep, and when it switched from Waypoint to Giant Bomb that the volume practically doubled.


Yeah, Waypoint’s podcasts have almost always been pretty quiet for me. Most of my other media is fine at around 20-30 volume in my car while Waypoint is usually around 45-55.


I don’t have hearing issues (at least i don’t think i do), but yeah, even I can immediately tell how quiet Waypoint Radio is compared to the other podcasts I listen to. I don’t know a damn thing about audio recording/engineering but yeah, it would be awesome if this could be addressed in any way?


Not sure who they have on production for the podcast, but from my somewhat limited technical background, if they don’t have a way to adjust when recording, I think they’d be able to improve the mix in post with some level changes and normalisation.


On the rare occasions the ads work they’re like 2-3 times as loud as the actual cast for me, and it is a little bothersome to suddenly have some woman yelling quite loudly about noodles in the middle of the quiet video games podcast.


Agreed on the ads. I assume the noodle box ads only get served up to Australians, but this damn near blows my eardrums out every time:


What ads are you talking about? The only ones I’ve heard on Waypoint Radio are for Google Home.

Edit: Looks like it’s a region thing, my bad.


I could have been getting noodle ads this whole time?


My podcast adverts are always about more podcasts. It’s like a mini-pod within a pod.