Podcast audio levels/mix

I love Waypoint! That being said, I listen to the podcasts mostly in my car. Patrick is consistently much louder in the mix than any other person. That means when I turn it up in order to hear austin or danielle, eventually I get blasted when patrick speaks. It’s sort of frustrating.

Does the team use any dynamic compression on the podcasts? I’m talking audio compression, not data compression.

I’m also curious about what mics everyone is using. Patrick’s is very crispy in the high end and not in a pleasant way.

Levelator could even help with the relative levels, and it’s free. The software compressor in whatever DAW you are using would be even better.


I’d be happy to get more specific if someone from the Waypoint team is interested.

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So here’s episode 217 in my editor. The dynamically inserted ad is nice and loud. The waypoint folks are at a pretty low volume.

There also seems to be some kind of a dc offset going on in the waveform. The green arrows point to that. The ad is symmetrical above and below the zero crossing. The waypoint audio is more on the plus side than the negative. That tells me there’s something wrong, but without putting eyes on the setup and workflow, it’s hard to say what exactly is the problem.


Someone pointed this out on Twitter as well,and I have to agree that audio levels are problematic at times. Fur me it’s not even that some people are louder then others, it’s that some of them will drop out of the mix almost completely at times. I think the issue I’m referring to is more about people moving away from the microphone than mixing, though.

However, the guest in Friday’s episode was almost inaudible in my opinion

I often listen to the podcast whilst I have other noises in the background, e.g. laundry/dishwasher, and have noticed that it’s impossible to get the volume just right. If I get it just right for Patrick or Austin, then Danielle and Rob often drop out. Then if I turn the volume up so I can hear the latter then when anyone else gets excited it gets far too loud.