[PODCAST Episode 269] 'Indivisible' Isn't Just Fun to Play, It's Extremely Funny, Too

It's rare for a game to make me actually laugh out loud. Indivisible is the new game from Lab Zero, the studio behind the fighting game Skullgirls. Their pedigree shines through in the engaging real-time-RPG-by-way-of-fighting-games combat, but what's maybe more surprising is how funny the game is. There's a colorful cast of characters, drawing from cultures all over the Asian continent, all voice acted superbly to a genuinely witty and hilarious script. It's made early hours with Indivisible soar from a game with interesting mechanics to a wholly entertaining experience. We discuss the early hours of Indivisible in depth, and much more, on this episode of Waypoint Radio. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

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Honestly, I was just happy to hear that Austin was able to dip his toes into FFXIV (even if he’s finding it a bit rough at the moment); genuinely made my day. Here’s hoping he sticks with it long enough for it to start paying off.

None of the classes have much going on with their rotation early on, although I think Pugilist/Monk at least has to worry about positioning (whereas Archer/Bard can run about helter-skelter while with nary a care in the world.)


I got an Instagram ad for Indivisble and it caught my eye (probably the only social media ad that has gotten me). Good to know it’s fun, I’ll grab it when it’s on Switch!

Hey! Quick FFXIV tanking explainer no one asked for! But maybe you wanna know about the fight corner!

In FFXIV, the general approach to tanking “trash mobs”, the enemies enroute to bosses, is to pick up as many as you can to speed up the dungeon as much as possible. The more enemies you pull, the more enemies your allies AOE attacks will hit, the quicker enemies will die. So you pull until there’s an obstacle in your way, or until any additional enemies would get you killed. Then you just stop and fight everything attacking you.


People didn’t like Curse of Osiris? I didn’t LIKE like it, but I thought it was okay… Warmind felt like a wet fart in comparison, starting with a really cool hook (Zavala saying Guardians should never look into their past life, Ana Bray doing just that) and never going anywhere with it.

Forsaken definitely had a better structure, but… Bungie killed off one of their best characters (the one who made Taken King enjoyable, in my opinion) and didn’t give us nearly enough Petra Venj to compensate.

Oh. My. God.

I felt like I was the only one who remembered that horrific Laura Palmer funko pop, it was driving me nuts. Why would they do that? What cursed logic pulsed through their brains?!

Valfaris looks pretty sweet though, thanks for pointing it out Patrick/ curse you for giving me yet another game I need to try and play!

And, one more thing, I appreciate Austin laying out the nuances of what’s happening in HK right now, because I also feel the slightest twinge of apprehension when I think about standing behind it completely.


Hearing Austin praise Suikoden is the highlight of my week. God I love Suikoden. They did release most of them on PS3 (and at least 1 and 2 are playable on PSP/Vita), but I’m all for seeing them on Switch. Especially since they stopped short of releasing Suikoden 5 and the window for that is probably long passed. Of course it would also require Konami to give a shit about the franchise.

Anyway, Indivisible is cool. It’s nice to see someone else experiment with the Valkyrie Profile combat system, especially a developer with a pedigree in fighting games to really take advantage of it. That game also has way more platforming puzzles than I expected, which I don’t mind. It even does some cool stuff with it during boss fights.

My only minor critique of that game so far is that the voice acting has been a bit inconsistent. Most of the game has been voice acted, but every now and then a scene you would expect to be voice acted isn’t. It even happened smack dab in the middle of a scene with no real transition. It was so random it almost felt like a bug. It’s certainly not a deal breaker, but I’m just hoping they didn’t front load the voice acting and then the late game is suddenly quiet.


Canonical Honk who will of course be a character in the next season of FatT.


I bought Indivisible and played like the first 30 minutes or so before I had to leave for work. I’m having a good time so far. The combat is fun and tactile, and the story is like very anime in good ways so far. Between this game and outer wilds coming to the PS4 in a week and Afterparty releasing the week after that, October is just gonna be flush with cool games for me

one bad thing about Indivisible - they have done poor regional pricing so the Indonesian price comes out to 35 usd, where most games would be cheaper here because minimum wage is only $105 to $281 per month (depending on where someone lives). Its great they were influenced by other cultures but sure would have been nice for the publisher to make it affordable for people in those places!

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There’s a few reasons why people didn’t like Osiris:

It took one of the most hyped up, powerful characters in the lore, set him up… and turned him into a Saturday morning cartoon uncle.

And the gameplay content was incredibly bare. The strikes are notoriously some of the least enjoyed to this day.

The Infinite Forest had a lot of potential, and instead all amounted to was a couple of tiles being shifted around in strikes.

Not to mention it came after the post-release content draught and had people asking “this is what I held out for?”

Warmind in contrast had fairly good game content, and Mars and its secrets were fairly fun to eek out, even with a few missteps.

I guess, because I haven’t dipped into strikes at all, I didn’t have the same perspective.

Brought a smile to my face.

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Holy shit I didn’t realize Outer Wilds was even coming to PS4. I’m super excited for that. That game seems like 100% my thing and I was really bummed I couldn’t play it.

With regards to Indivisible, I love the art and the gameplay looks intriguing. I want to hear some impressions about how it holds up late game, but I think I’ll grab it on Switch.

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Yeah, on the off chance Austin reads this the main source of “fight corner” in ff14 is this door won’t open/wall won’t collapse until the trash is dead.

also on the curse of osiris sucks front, the forge prophecy hellgrind is some of the worst postgame stuff in destiny on top of everything else.

Yep. If you’re playing dps, just follow along until the tank stops running and use AOE skills to burn stuff down. The nice thing about the dungeon finder in FFXIV for people like Austin is that it’s low emotional investment. People generally don’t feel the need to talk, except to explain a boss to a new player if they ask. You go in, do the thing, and get out.

A lot of people skip the chests these days too, so if you’re low on gear, you can double back and take all the loot for yourself after the dungeon is over and the others have left. :slight_smile:

Shoutout to Razmi and her ability to consistently make me laugh.


This is 2 weeks late but my really reliable “get me off of your email mailing list” is after hitting unsubscribe send an email to the company asking to be removed completely in accordance with GDPR.

95% of the time the person who gets that email will not actually check if you are from the EU because it’s honestly easier to just delete you then risk you actually being truthful and not deleting you then having to explain to their boss why they ended up with a huge fine.