[PODCAST Episode 272] We Take A Deep Dive Into Your Questions On Waypoint Radio

We’ve got a real bucket-full of questions from our listeners this week, but first! Austin has been playing more Card of Darkness, and is starting to see stacks everywhere he goes. Cado dipped back into Life is Strange 2, and found a surprising look at the complex backgrounds that make up Latinidad. Patrick has been running his mind through the gravity-bending Manifold Garden. Then, we answer your questions, from pizza preferences to fantasy archetypes, we'll answer 'em all! You can read an excerpt and listen to the full episode below.

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Related to Austin seeing decks of cards everywhere:
When I play a lot of a card game like Magic or Hearthstone I will not only dream about it, but the next morning when I’m still half asleep, I will interpret the world in terms of card game rules. Like “I need to use the restroom but I’m not sure if I have enough Mana. Do I have enough cards in my hand to get out of bed?”

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I don’t have anything that I can play FFXIV on, but I am on the goddamn precipice of pushing forward my plan to get a PS4 Pro so that I can play it after hearing so much about it.

I was dogshit at Guild Wars 2 when I played it, and fell off the wagon fast, so god knows why I’m so drawn to this game.

If you have a laptop, you may wanna check specs, I play ffxiv on mine with no trouble.

The “food at business meeting” question is very scary to me. I am autistic and well sorry if it’s rude but I probably ain’t eating any of what you are bringing maybe even if I do like it.

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Patrick’s hesitation on the word up is one of the funniest things on any waypoint podcast.


Cado is, from this point on, BANNED from talking about Gooigi

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“I just wanna stay at the tavern and get fucked…



Re: 4D video game experiences.

When we were kids, my sister and I would take turns “augmenting” each other’s maglev train rides in Riven by grabbing the back of the computer chair and rocking it forward, backward, and sideways in time with the video. Good times.


For Christmas one year my gift was this weird like… pad with a headrest and built-in speakers & rumble that I could hook up to my GameCube. I think it was called Pyrmaid? I used it almost EXCLUSIVELY for Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door and it absolutely kicked ass, I wish that my young self didn’t basically ruin it with soda and Cheez-It dust

The one game I always reflexively defend is DMC, WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH THAT INTERNET.

Although I do understand the more thoughtful criticisms (re women, pregnancy), it’s the internets general disdain for it I can’t comprehend

I have no opinion on DmC specifically, but there’s definitely a category of game that is like “I will never say a bad word about this not because it’s perfect or even good but because shitheads love to hate it for the wrong reasons”.


My choice of character class in rpg’s is tracking the same as Austins. When I was younger I always chose the rogue or rogue equivalent, but now I’m in my late 20’s I’m always leaning towards the more tanky fighting class.

Different reasons though - mine was mostly because I realised how much more fun Skyrim would have been just running around hitting everything with a big sword compared to slowly creeping around lol

Honestly, the thing that turns me off from playing it is that nu-Dante was pretty much entirely the result of aggressive no-homoing


I always end up as a stealthy character in Skyrim no matter what my initial plans are. Sometimes I’m an assassin, sometimes I’m a warrior with a high skill in sneak and archery, sometimes I’m a mage… with a high skill in sneak and archery.


Those presentation slides pretty much soured me on it.

I’m so sad Rob was off in Germany so my baking question was irrelevant. 8C Senior Baking Corespondent, come home.

In DnD, Paladin’s have changed a lot over the years. In 5e a Paladin is a knight who gets their power through devotion to a specific oath. There’s a pretty cool communist 3rd party paladin subclass