[PODCAST Episode 279] 'Jedi: Fallen Order' Has the Difficulty Settings FromSoft Has Been Looking For

We've been over this before. The discourse around the difficulty of Dark Souls games comes and goes like the tides. We're not here to litigate that argument again, aside from pointing to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as an example of clever and, more importantly, transparent difficulty design. Often times, games with difficulty options will hide what is changing between tiers with vague language about "challenge" and how much "familiarity" you might have with a given genre. However, in recent years there's been a bourgeoning implementation of extensive and clear difficulty options, like the kind you see in Celeste, a difficult platformer with a bevy of options for players to tune the experience to their liking. We discuss what Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gets right with its difficulty, the ups and downs in level design, and the science behind lightsabers on this episode of Waypoint Radio. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below:

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We dont have a thread for the Star War yet so I may as well ask here:

anyone playing Jedi: Fallen Order on a Xbox One S? Ive heard the Xbox version has a lot of technichal issues from people playing on an X but no one seems to have played the game on an S so im hesitant to pick it up without knowing if its like, completely broken.

Yeah, I’ve been looking to pick it up on the PC or PS4.

Digital Foundry did a video comparing X and S though. Looks like it’s a bit of a mess:

I have a PS4 slim, and I’d love to play this on a TV, but if it looks better I may just get it on PC with my 970.


Might have to skip this one unless they patch it. My PC’s been showing it’s age so I don’t trust i’ll be able to run it well and I dont have a PS4 to fall back on for the console version :frowning: ah well so it goes

I just wanna say that I am so happy there are weirdos on Youtube who will play new games with old ass cards so I can see the performance:


I also found a dude playing with a 1050Ti and a less powerful processor than me. Game seems to fluxuate between 30 and 45 FPS on Ultra settings. All i really want is a stable framerate so I could cap at 30 and be a-ok

Maybe the PC version is the way to go! There is hope for me yet!

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The ultra settings are apparently called ‘Epic.’



We hear people like extra long pods

I am people and I love extra long pods!


I do wish the game (and every game, tbh) had a recommended difficulty setting, like how Halo says “hey, play on Heroic, that’s how we designed it to be played”


It’s remarkable how few single player Star Wars games there have been recently. In the 2010s you had KOTOR, Force Unleashed, and Jedi Knights but we’ve gone nearly a decade without even a major release. I know it’s beating a dead horse but it’s kinda wild that this is only the third AAA Star Wars game EA has made since getting the exclusive licence in 2013.

You could say considering the battlefront reboot that is a blessing.

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“Look at the jaggies in the shado-SHUT THE FUCK UP”

The podcast is good


get it cause they weren’t the droids they were looking for but these are the difficulty settings people are looking for out of souls games and jedi fallen order gets a lot inspiration out of the souls games and they got difficulty settings and the from sof games don’t and people get really angry about that and I bet the empire was really angry with those storm troopers once everyone realized that oh golly those droids from before were actually one hundred percent the droids they were looking for i mean oopsa daisy that’s gonna get someone fired or possibly force choked by the angry dad who we’ve since learned is a pretty emo kid from the middle of nowhere kinda like how in the souls games you’re in the middle of a strange land that’s super dangerous and then you have no way to strictly make the game easier or harder for yourself you just gotta get through the game using the obscure ways to make the game easier and harder through equipment and self-imposed challenges to not use the quote unquote best equipment in the game but you gotta know where to find all of those easier items and that requires either looking up online with a strategy guide which kinda takes some people out of the immersion of the game or just struggle against the challenges and run through hard areas to find those equipment but it seems like whenever you try to do that in a souls game without knowing where you’re going you get there and you’re like dang these aren’t the items i was looking for



I just realized my card is 5 years old…


this is genuinely the funniest post ive ever read on this here forum

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I’ve been playing on the PC and having no problems. What strange time we live in when it’s the PC build of a AAA game that is stable and the consoles with all the problems.


Elite PC gamers can pry the GTX970 from my cold dead hands. To this day one of the best bang-for-your buck video cards you can buy. If all you want is 1080p/60fps, there’s really no reason to upgrade yet.

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the best part of unreal engine 4 striving for world domination lately (the mandalorian even uses it!) is that leaving this default in the options is now an industry standard.

seriously, the lack of 970 rep in benchmarks even on the budget end is vexing considering it still polls ludicrously high and nothing this gen has had reason to surpass it.

Granted, in Canada it’s now wiser to go with a more modern AMD equivalent, but i bought this damn thing 5 years ago hoping it’d carry me through a gen i was excited about the lighting and effects of, and it 100% has.

Maybe it can even carry some into early next-gen due to raytracing adoption being slow/unsustainable to rely on. Strictly-raster trickery hit its peak real hard this gen, which makes it even weirder that games this year seem to be falling apart on consoles that have pulled off similar or better visuals before. Maybe there’s some super inside-baseball tech progress/politics reason, idk.


I’m playing on PC, I have a RTX 2070 and i7-9700K so take that into consideration when I say it runs well. But on my system it doesn’t run well in windowed borderless, fullscreen 3840x2160 on epic runs better than windowed borderless on high for me.

I’m running it on my 970 with 4 gb of VRam, an i7, and 16 gb of Ram…

I’m getting a LOT of stuttering. Similar to how Outer Worlds runs for me. I think it must be an unreal engine thing.