[PODCAST Episode 280] 'Afterparty' Fails To Separate Its Characters' Irony From Its World

Part of growing up is trying to navigate social situations. Most people have, at some point or another, affected an persona while trying to figure out what "fits." Part of what made Night School's Oxenfree work was an understanding that these affects are masks, and what can be interesting is exploring the underlying reasons people take on certain affectations. Afterparty however, doesn't seem as interested in digging into its characters, and in fact the world-building feels like it's performed with the same affected irony as its characters. We discuss Afterparty, Google Stadia, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and more on this week's Waypoint Radio. You can read an excerpt and listen to the full episode below.

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Hey rob had pretty much the same reaction to afterparty that I did. He hated the first part of the game way more than I did though.

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boutta get militantly angry in the comments section like all the #dexit people, but against all this Hudsucker Proxy slander instead, somebody hold me back

like I don’t think it’s top-tier Coens necessarily but it’s still super undervalued in the filmography

I only know Michael Ealy as Ricky from Barbershop, I should probably check out Almost Human.

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What if I found the characters in Oxenfree kinda insufferable already? Especially Ren.


Then I doubt that you’ll like this at all. I loved Oxenfree’s characters, but gave up on Afterparty after 2 hours because the humor was grating.

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The premise of Afterparty put me off from the jump so it’s disappointing to hear the humour and writing doesn’t carry it and that it’s mostly what it is besides the mentioned late game twist.

I hope a recording of the Gundam panel goes up somewhere, I’d love to see that even though I’ve never seen a series (hard to pick one).