[PODCAST Episode 290] Finding America's Next Top Xehanort

This week, we are ecstatic to welcome Gita Jackson onto Waypoint Radio! She's joining the VICE Games and Motherboard desk to write about tech, the internet, and games—and she's already fitting right in by immediately dunking on Rob. She's already written about new The Sims 4 expansion, and came on the pod to introduce us to its tiny homes and potentially deadly Murphy beds. The newly formed crew also discusses the recent Kingdom Hearts announcement, Total War: Three Kingdoms' latest DLC, and last week's Smash Direct. You can read an excerpt or listen to the full episode below.

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hell yeah gita!!! was looking forward to this all week

loved the dunking on Pete at the end of the pod, it fills me with much joy


Okay, hear me out here: Auto 𝛘ess


May your heart be your guiding piece


I’m sure there’s been a million tweets already but Austin was right about the number of Pokemon characters in Smash, y’all forgot to count Lucario.

Gita on the podcast is more than I dreamed it would be, “the Groverhaus of video games” made my whole month.




Wait a minute… The secret Xehanort code calls for eight letters but “Waypoint” is also eight letters long. What aren’t they telling us??


Double Speakeasy sounds like a name for a sick skateboard trick.


Gita sounds like she’s been on the pod forever, which is exactly what I expected/hoped. I’m also excited about the forthcoming Democratic primary podcast.


I would listen to an episode devoted to home renovation reality shows, and attempts to recreate the houses in The Sims.

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It was so delightful to have Gita on board. I’ve wished for her to be there since day 1.

My gran was on Grand Designs, begging the obvious pun. This was back in 2005 (Series 5, Episode 7) so I’m not sure if it’s still being aired.

She used an architect, reducing the potential for hoisting which would appear to be the show’s contemporary appeal. Although I think it would be fair to say that guy made some questionable decisions of his own.


Gita is a such a perfect fit for Waypoint Radio, I’m so glad to have her on the crew!

As for this new Project Xehanort thing, really hope it’s just going to be a “Cribbage with Grandpa” style game where it’s just a basic chess app where the interface makes it look like you’re sitting across from a JPEG of Young Xehanort.


Happy to hear Gita on the podcast. I hope Sam is enjoying his well earned podcasting retirement and still teaching the kids. Match 3 was such a good show.

Nice to have Gita on the show, she’s fits in so perfectly!

Also, guess for Kingdom Hearts project: Two Words

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I like VNV Nation :pensive: