[PODCAST Episode 309] The Characters of 'XCOM: Chimera Squad' Could Be the Future of the Series

One thing that the XCOM franchise isn't normally known for is characters. Sure there's your various scientists, engineers, and support officers talking in your ear during missions, but aside from the odd cutscene, many of your units, the characters that are on screen the most, aren't characters until you imbue them with your own stories through customization. This can be a really fun way to include friends, family members, and various famous people into your game, to add some emotional weight to the moments when you eventually mis-click and send them to their doom.

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It has come to my attention I’m an XCOM character now?


I’m really glad the podcast crew went a whole hour on XCOM. I know they like to set timers on some conversations, but I love when they go full handbrake off. Great episode.


It’s aliens. Aliens always get them to go long. Last time it gave us a whole alien alloys episode.


That five star run time :slight_smile:

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