Podcast questions that never got read


We all got ‘em. You think to yourself, “I’ve got a great question that will spark interesting discussion among my most favorite podcast personalities!” So you type out the most (chef’s kiss) perfect inquiry and send it to gamingadvice dot com. But alas, your stroke of brilliance is drowned in a sea of queries related knives and bats.

But no longer will our brilliance be forever stashed away in our sent folders to rot. Today those orphaned emails get a day in the sun! Share your podcast favorite emails that never got read! I’ll start with this little mind gem:

Stupid Waypoint Radio, not reading my stoned thoughts…


Uhhhh, nothing too special, I just have this excerpt from a long-winded email I wrote about the Sony cross play controversy a while back.

Also damn! I see why my email never got read–I was addressing it to the wrong place the whole time! For whatever reason, I was thinking the address was gaming@vice dot com :sleepy:


I’ve sent about 300 questions to GamingAdvice Dot Com, and Not a single one has been answered on the podcast

Very hurtful, tbh


I remain immensely pleased that my Wolfenstein question (“Has BJ tried talking to the nazis?”) was discussed on the Waypoint 101.


It’s just an email that reads,

doosh doo-doosh doo-doosh doo-doosh doosh doosh


(and then a jpg of me holding up a sign at a kingdom hearts press event that says “NATALIE WAS RIGHT”)

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