Podcast Recommendations


Sadly a lot of podcast I listen have either dropped off in quality or are too stepped in in jokes to recommend to new listener.

Two pods I listen to that are still rock solid are
-Hannibal Buress: Handsome Rambler for just humorous conversation/interviews.
-The Watch Pod for fun and insightful discussions on pop culture.


I’ve seen most of my favorites mentioned all ready, so I’ll also throw in NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour

It’s got good, if brief, conversations about various pop culture topics, and has a lot of good guests and great chemistry between the three main crew members.

Also, their weekly “What’s make us happy this week” segment has lead me to a ton of great things.


Personally I will never pass up a chance to recommend The Flop House. Hosted by Elliott Kalan (former head writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart & MST3K: The Return), Dan McCoy (current writer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah), and Stuart Wellington (bar owner & cool dude) it’s a bad movie podcast where the movie is only tangentially related to that week’s discussion. This animated video should give you a pretty good taste of what they’re about.


Yep, for me The Ringer’s The Watch podcast does for TV/movies what Waypoint Radio does for games. Smart, funny people getting into in-depth critiques within a social context twice a week. Can highly recommend.

Their NBA podcast seems decent if you’re into that too. Bill Simmons shows up now and then which is always nice.


That sounds like something I’d be super into, thanks! I’ll be sure to check that out.

I can personally recommend The Adventure Zone, especially now that the first… “season” I guess? is finished. It’s a super funny and entergaining D&D podcast with the three McElroys and their dad and the characters and the story get super good. MBMBaM is also pretty good although I haven"l’t listened to that much of it.


I’m not really looking for new gaming podcasts these days, but a few have sneaked their way into my pod device.

The Crate and Crowbar by Philippa Warr, Chris Thursten, Tom Francis and Tom Senior has been delightful especially since I find Tom F’s design philosophies and opinions about what games do wrong and right so enlightening.

I just found out about Three Moves Ahead and I’m currently going through all the Rob Zacny -episodes. This podcast has re-egnited my love for strategy games!


For all the new folks I’ll re recommend the Important If True podcast by the hosts of Idle Thumbs. I can’t do a better recommendation than this:


I’ll avoid dropping any more gaming podcasts since the majority of the good ones have already been listed, but if any of you are fans of horror, or enjoy horror fiction, I have a few recommendations!

NoSleep Podcast the first 3(?) seasons are free, and all are very good! I believe it was season 3 or 4 that they switched to a season pass system, with the first half of the episode being free (they always give you multiple stories, and they never cut off a story early – you just don’t get all of the stories in the podcast if you aren’t a season pass member) but I cannot recommend it enough!

Knifepoint Horror is very good, it’s usually shorter episodes and they don’t really update regularly, but the style is told as if you were sitting next to someone and they were recounting a horrific event, the stories are always very good and the irregular updates make the stories appearing in my feed a joyous occassion

Welcome To Nightvale This podcast is more so “horror themed” than outright spooky, it’s a serial podcast that behaves like a radio news program for the strange town of Nightvale, documenting the odd rituals and physically impossible things that occur there, as if they’re normal experiences. It’s very surreal and very much worth listening to.

Alice Isn’t Dead this is another very good podcast from the creators of Welcome To Nightvale, it’s another serial podcast documenting a woman as she struggles to uncover the mysterious disappearance of her wife and the strange, surreal things she occurs as she drives a truck cross-country delivering things. It’s incredibly wonderful and strange, and is a bit more grounded than Welcome to Nightvale, and it’s so good.


I’m currently hooked on The Polygon Show. It’s a really funny and entertaining gaming podcast hosted by the lovely Chelsea Stark, Ashley Oh, Simone de Rochefort (<3) and Allegra Frank. They mainly talk about video games but also Coke (a lot) and Overwatch (also a lot).

Also, it’s been mentioned a few times already but The Adventure Zone is simply fantastic. It’s hosted by the McElroy brothers and their father and their dynamic is just Italian Chef Kiss. Griffin is a wonderful DM and constructed a fantastic storyline (however that arc has finished and now they’re doing more experimental stuff with Clint (the dad) as DM.) Check it out, it’s both hilarious and touching.

One last one I’ll recommend is somewhat niche and one that I think only select people will enjoy and that is The Dismal Jesters. It’s an older podcast (last episode airing in 2014) but it stars games journalists Jim Sterling, Conrad Zimmerman and Jonathan Holmes in what I can only describe as a sex-fueled fever dream wrapped in a conversationalist “”"“gaming”""" podcast. This is one that I think if you listen to one episode you’ll know whether you’ll love it or hate it. I, personally, found it pants-splittingly funny but like I said, very subjective.


Glad somebody already mentioned The Parapod, that was a great series. Highly recommend people go back and listen to it all.

+1 for The Dismal Jesters


I have a lot of the same ones listed in here previously;

Giant Bombcast & Aftershow
Giant Beastcast
Waypoint Radio
Waypoint 101
Idle Weekend
Spawn On Me
Watch out for Fireballs!/ Bonfireside Chat

Some I haven’t seen mentioned as of yet;

The Lapsed Fan Wrestling Podcast - Two friends who started watching the sport of kings around the same time in the early '90s and came of age during the legendary “Attitude Era” revisit past events and try to pull apart and inform new wrestling fans why “it used to be better.”

CEDTalks - I’m a Magic player, wrestling, and NBA fan, three boxes host and Magic commentator Cedric Phillips also checks. He has podcast episodes intermittently dedicated to all three topics, and I enjoy pretty much every co-host and/or guest who joins him. Fair warning though, they do use lots of Magic jargon even outside of the Magic podcasts so be forewarned.

Shift F1 - Drew Scanlon and Danny O’Dwyer, formerly of Giant Bomb and Gamespot respectively, convene weekly to preview and recap the sport of Formula One Racing.

I’m so glad my job is such that I can listen to this awesome #content all day every day while getting paid for it.


The Polygon Show is also home to the least lightning-y lightning rounds of any podcast I’ve ever heard, as they tend to get excited about an answer someone’s given. Very fun show.


Heritage Road - The intriguing history of Nascar
Relatively Prime - Discussions and explorations of different fields, all connected to mathematics
Voices In America - Personal stories through the lens of many different cultures throughout America
Fundamental Process - The history of architecture, both in style and cultural influence
The Tip Off - Talking with journalists about the behind-the-scenes efforts behind their investigative journalism stories
The $8 Game Show - A funny and fun trivia show with silly questions and even sillier low stakes
Illusion - Historical stories on swindles, cons, and “impossible things”, from the Turk machine to stagecraft
Houston, We Have A Podcast - A space podcast straight from NASA’s Johnson Space Center
The Sound of Fear - An interesting miniseries exploring the evolution of music in horror movies from the 1920s to today

Illusion and Sound of Fear are my favorites from this group. Illusion is particularly fascinating and covers a nice range of topics within its overarching focus, from true crime to science. Sound of Fear is a well suited choice for this time of the year, and its specific niche is very interesting.


I’ve been struggling to find new podcasts to listen to. My favorite was The Cracked podcast, but ever since it was sold to new owners and someone else took over the podcast it has really gone down in quality.

The Canon was another one I liked a lot, but Devin stinkFinga Faraci the real og starter of metoo has gone silent, as it should be.


I mostly listen to political podcasts – here’s a few that I don’t often see mentioned but are some of the best of the best:

The Weeds (Vox) - Focus on the policy and practical social science of politics – they have a ‘white paper of the week’ segment that dives into recent research. They recently started a spinoff podcast called The Impact that looks at real world examples of policy affecting people’s lives

The Ezra Klein Show - Some of the best interviews I’ve heard

Amicus (Slate) - Best Supreme Court podcast I’ve found

What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law - Bite sized primers on constitutional law, by the 99% Invisible guy (another great podcast)

Stay Tuned with Preet - A new podcast from a former US Attorney that has had some fantastic guests so far. One of my new favorites if he can keep this quality


The Polygon Show is excellent. They have amazing chemistry.


A few that haven’t already been mentioned:


The Greatest Movie Ever Podcast - Paul Chapman and friends discussing cult movies of various stripes - their latest episode was about Clue


The Reverse Thieves Podcast - A nice anime podcast - and in addition to their regular monthly shows, they take a look at the first episode or show

Roleplaying Games

I’m behind on pretty much all of these.

Order 66 Podcast - Podcast covering Star Wars RPG systems - it started with the WotC Star Wars Saga Edition, and has since moved on to FFG’s Star Wars system.

All Games Considered - A general RPG discussion podcast.

RPGMP3 - A general RPG Actual Play podcast (like Adventure Zone), but with a variety of gaming groups syndicating their games through there rather than having to do all the hosting themselves.

I used to subscribe to Yog Radio, until they put almost everything behind a paywall. I did pick up the DVD with the audio from their Actual Plays of the Horror on the Orient Express and Masks of Nyarlathotep campaigns though. I also really liked their bumpers - there was one which was a play on the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch, except parodying the variety (and availability) of Mythos Tomes.


74 Seconds - A investigative journalism series examining the 2016 shooting of Philando Castile during a traffic stop
Far From Home - Reminiscent of Let’s Not Panic, this road trip adventure podcast follows a team’s journey from London to Mongolia during the Mongol Rally
Mountain - A “This American Life”-esque podcast features stories revolving around mountaineering
Longform - Discussion with journalists on the challenges, planning, and construction of their articles
The Lapse - Engaging personal stories brought to life with sound effects
The Slow Melt - Discussions of history, culture, and other topics through the angle of chocolate
Faculty of Horror - Detailed and well-spoken discussion on horror movies
Two Truths and a Lie - A clever twist on the “personal stories” genre, where one of the stories is a lie
Levar Burton Reads - Levar Burton reads short stories to you
Yeah, Let’s Go There - Compelling stories from individuals found worldwide, highlighting interesting tales and cultures

Levar Burton Reads, The Lapse, Longform, and Far From Home are all recommended, but Levar Burton Reads especially. The stories are quality and varied, and Burton makes for an excellent storyteller


The Levar Burton recommendation reminds me - I also like the Escape Pod podcast network - Escape Pod (Science Fiction), Podcastle (Fantasy), and Pseudopod (Horror), along with Starship Sofa.

Relic Radio Science Fiction is also pretty good - they replay old Science Fiction radio shows adapting science fiction stories. The adaptations can be a mixed bag, but some of them are fantastic.


Big fan of Retronauts :grinning: