Podcast Recommendations


I noticed that too. Big Hardcore History fan, I’ve listened to a ton of Mike Duncan’s stuff too.


Giant Bombcast
Giant Beastcast


Axe Files: Well known journalist and political strategist for Barack Obama, David Axelrod sits across the table from all sorts of big names in American politics and finds out what makes them tick.

Hardcore History: Amateur historian Dan Carlin spends months reading and researching in an effort to create a grand narrative of some of the most important events from history from the trenches of WWI to phalanxes of Ancient Greece, Dan covers many topics often creating series 10-25 hours in length.

Chalke Valley History Hit: Historian James Holland hosts a podcast from the center of England’s biggest history festival and manages to record lectures, talks, and conversations with some of biggest names working in the field today.

Radiolab presents: More Perfect: Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad sits down and unearths the fascinating and often times perplexing history the Supreme Court of the Unites States.


self-promotion: yall should listen to Freestyle Gamejazz. the description is “Andrew, Gunnar, and Miles find obscure game titles from (now defunct) Steam Greenlight and guess what they are without knowing a single thing about them.” we have a good time and try to be funny in a rather bleak 2017. full disclosure: i’m the “Miles”. give us a listen and some feedback!!! i’ll give you a shoutout. if any of you have some silly game titles we’d love to take them on in the show.

for non-self-promotion ((gaming podcasts)): Easy Allies Podcast and Frametrap are consistently good and jolly. just some wholesome conversations and great people. Kotaku Splitscreen has Jason Schreier and Kirk Hamilton who are both fantastic journalists and their shows usually focus on interesting topics in gaming.


Yeah I’m a longtime Retronauts listener, finding them back on 1up 10ish years ago. They actually did a Waypoint shout out in the last episode.


Two podcasts i LOVE but dont get enough attention:

  1. Knowledge Fight: Two friends watch the Alex Jones show daily and try to understand him. They call him on his bullshit, and try to see what he is really talking about.

  2. Occultae Veritatis: Three Canadians talk about Horrible things. The banter between the hosts make honestly shocking thing tolerable, plus they make jokes and review beer. Its a pretty awesome show.


Gamers With Jobs
Giant Bombcast
Giant Beastcast
Idle Thumbs
Kotaku Splitscreen
Three Moves Ahead
Waypoint Radio


My friends and I loooove The Morning Commute pod, it’s so addictive, I listen to it literally on my commute! If you love comedy, you’ll like this, the latest episodes especially - Gold. https://itunes.apple.com/se/podcast/the-morning-commute/id1234085630?l=en


Just started listening to the Heaven’s Gate podcast - the cult, that is - and it’s very good and well-researched if you don’t mind the bleak subject matter.


Ah jeez. I listen to a LOT. In no particular order:

Effectively Wild (a baseball podcast. Perhaps…THE baseball podcast??)
The Cleaning of John Doe (a short, gruesome yet fascinating podcast about crime scene cleaners. Trigger warnings for violence and suicide if you decide to take me up on this one)
The Daily
The Dirty Inning (the worst innings played in Phillies history)
The Felske Files (Phillies specific baseball podcast)
The Hilarious World of Depression
How 'Bout Now (it just started but it has Danika/Abby, so I have faith)
Myths and Legends
This American Life
Planet Money
The Age of Enfrightenment (bi-weekly podcast with three hilarious dorks who discuss horror, fear, its place in human history and its lingering affect on us. DISCLAIMER: some phobias could be triggered from listening. DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER: I am good friends with one of the hosts)

Giant Bombcast
Giant Beastcast
Fave This!
Idle Thumbs
No Cartridge Audio
Power Pros
Waypoint Radio
What’s Good Games

I also have a gaming podcast of my own, but it’s not in very good taste to recommend my own podcast, so that’s all :slight_smile:


The first couple episodes of Nathin Rabin’s Happy Cast have been splendid. It’s just a general media podcast although the hosts mostly stick to movies and the movie industry. He’s talking about a lot of important topics and his tales out of juggalo culture are very enlightening!


Seconded on Hardcore History, particularly the WWI series. I’m a little less keen on some of his ancient history casts, but ymmv.


I like to listen to TED talks as podcasts. They’re in all the podcast apps and I feel like I’m learning new stuff every time.


If I were to couch a recommendation in hyperbole, I’d say that Allison Kilkenny’s Citizen Radio keeps me sane each week. Honestly, though, it’s a really good progressive talk show, with guests like Melissa Gira Grant.

Speaking of Grant, I’d also recommend her podcast Terrific City. It’s about the “city and screen life of 1970s America.” It’s especially relevant if you’ve been watching The Deuce and want a different perspective on the same time period.

Other podcasts I’ve listened to and enjoyed, though this list is by no means comprehensive:


I’m gonna have to go ahead and recommend The Greatest Generation.

It’s a Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a little bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast.

I’m a pretty big Trek fan, but I’m also aware it can range anywhere from genre defining to laughably bad. The two hosts know this and come at each episode of The Next Generation (they just got started on DS9) with real admiration, but also willing to make jokes at the shows expense and fit in any crude joke they can.

It starts a bit rough because they honestly never expected anyone to listen, but once it begins taking off and they realize they actually have an audience they clean up their act a bit.

Also their Facebook group is genuinely the best group I’ve ever been in.


This thread was heretofore incomplete, because no one had mentioned U Talkin’ U2 To Me? yet. TV’s Adam Scott and Comedy Bang Bang’s Scott Aukerman meet periodically to discuss the band U2, but mostly they just fuck around for an hour and a half and it’s always amazing. Enjoying U2 is not required. In fact, it might even enhance the experience if you don’t enjoy them.

Once you start listening to it, you can toss every other podcast you listen to in the trash, because this is the only podcast you will ever need. It’s that good.


I’m a big of a podcast junkie but here are some of my favs.

Gamers With Jobs - video games and sometimes tabletop games
Double Dodge - podcast about the Guild Ball miniatures game
How2Wrestling - podcast where long time fan explains wrestlers and wrestling concepts to his new fan girlfriend
Knights of Ren - podcast about the Star Wars Destiny collectible card and dice game
The Letters Page - lore explanations for characters and stories from the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game
MayaCast - podcast for the Infinity miniatures game
Reading Glasses - books and book culture
Stuff You Missed in History Class - what it says on the tin
Around the NFL - NFL.com footall podcast
The MMQB 10 Things Podcast - NFL podcast from the MMQB.com
The AE Podcast - wrestling podcast going back through the late 90s/early 2000s PPVs


I always assume everyone listens to the stuff I listen to several thousand times over.

But in case you don’t - there’s a very small list of podcast I love. They all fall into the category of either role-playing, or nerd culture/news, and all make me grin like a moron in public, walking around the city in which I live.

  • Friends at the Table.
    This is Waypoint, so I assume everyone is dialed in on FatT. It’s a roleplaying podcast, which uses various game systems to build a rather incredible, interesting world. The players are clever, funny, playful, and at the mercy of Austin peaking Austin.
    This is so much Austin’s shit, I expect gundam frames to rain from the sky at any moment. It’s got just… some of the most spectacular character moments and quotes I think I’ve heard, and makes me wish I did some role playing.
  • We Have Concerns
    Perhaps slightly less well known around these parts, but in “our” ballpark culturally, We Have Concerns is a science/tech comedy podcast. Anthony Carboni and Jeff Canata dive into a recent (usually recent) news article submitted by fans, and milk it for all of the humor/intrigue it has to offer.
    The balance of humors, and chemistry is great, and it makes for a short, fun, informative listen.
    I… Of the 216 posts in this thread, I’m fine with being #200 featuring them dang McElroy boys. I’m a bit new. In the past year or so, I’ve expanded my media consumption horizons, and I’m not ashamed to admit Griffin has been a major expansion vector. The real, but pitched as fake/bad/don’t do this advice show is usually very funny.
    Over time the brothers have grown a lot. Not too proud to say they were wrong, or mean, or insensitive, and offering apologies for missteps, the show is almost exclusively positive. (Well… it’s… okay, it’s well-meaning?) Intentions are clearly light-hearted, and aimed at a place of letting everyone laugh at a hypothetical absurdity, tangential to the question, instead of calling people idiots/monsters.
    It’s also just… constantly endearing to hear an… at least on the surface, I don’t mean to presume anything, healthy, friendly relationship between siblings? If I’m playing Hours 20+ of Dragon Age Inquisition, or an MMO, or grinding a flashpoint or strikes in Destiny, MBMBaM is often my go-to injection of humor. The question by question format lends itself to start/stop play. The variety of questions/subjects also helps prevent boredom.
  • The Adventure Zone
    Another McElroy podcast. Another roleplay podcast. TAZ is my hybrid listen.
    I hate comparing things like this, but I really think it helps explain what it is, and why I listen to it. It’s FatT if it was run by Griffin. Trade in your super interesting, cool, smart quotes. Trade in your deep, meaningful, considered plot, and in return, get some jokes. In return, get some brothers ribbing one another about weird DnD systems. Get confusion, jokes, cartoon violence and the absurd. It makes me laugh where FatT makes me smile.
    If FatT is Lord of the Rings, this is the slice-of-life cartoon/anime, more interested in making me giggle than it is in making me sit back and go "wow."
    Maybe that’s why I hate comparing things this way. They’re totally different, but that’s why I listen, and if you’re on the fence, I hope any of that rambling garbage helps clarify in a meaningful or accurate way which direction to go.

It feels odd to offer up suggestions while, in some cases, over a year behind the podcast, but these have been extremely good for what I am looking for when looking for podcasts. If any of them are new to somebody, and they end up listening/enjoying, awesome!


I like podcasts, but I get a bit twitchy when they run over about 30 minutes and I lose focus.

I listen to…

BBC Science in Action, which runs at about 30 minutes, but has 3 or 4 segments about current scientific discoveries.

The Futility Closet, which delves into a short, quirky piece of history every week and also had lateral thinking puzzles and listener feedback.

Radio New Zealand Eyewitness, which interviews people who saw or were involved in important events in New Zealand’s history.

Black Sheep, again by Radio New Zealand, which explores shady characters and goings-on in New Zealand’s past.


Hi guys, I just want to join the conversation by recommending This American life, not the last episodes actually the old one I know its hard to keep track in there web site but to help you guys who are interested in this podcast and save you a lot of time
I found android app contain all episodes you can listen without a need to download episodes
I guess the application name in the store is This American Life [+ 500] or something like this.
thank you, I hope I help you guys


Podcasts I listen to on the regular:

  • Bomb/Beastcast
  • Waypoint Radio
  • Friends at the Table
  • Idle Weekend

These next couple are CBC Radio shows but they put them out in Podcast format:

  • As It Happens: An interview show that airs every weekday. It covers current events as well as strange stories that don’t really get covered on the nightly news.
  • Under the Influence: A weekly show about the advertising industry and weird branding. Different topic every week.

Podcasts I like but don’t really keep up to date with:

  • This American Life
  • Idle Thumbs